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Cardinal for Mandy

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As requested, the Cardinal I snapped a week ago.
26th Mar 2007, 04:59   comments (10)


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Here we see the pygmy white leopard in his native habitat.
17th Mar 2007, 20:36   comments (0)

For Factotum

Factotum had posted some shots of some vintage tools / measuring gear a while back; this inspired me to dig out my own.

A place I worked years ago was clearing out it's warehouse of old
equipment. They were going to throw this away, as no one used and (and in fact, no one knew exactly what it was). I liked the look of it, so I
asked for and was given it.

As far as I can tell, it's used to measure the variations in an electric current.
17th Mar 2007, 18:23   comments (2)

The underside...

(viewed 621 times)
...of the alien ship that's taking me away from all this.*sigh* Oh, wait, that's just the lights in the elevator.
13th Mar 2007, 19:23   comments (5)


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The Japanese Maple is wasting no time. Most other trees here don't even
have buds yet.
13th Mar 2007, 19:22   comments (1)

Cat Fishing

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Looks like I landed a big one.
10th Mar 2007, 17:30   comments (4)

Happy Breakfast

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10th Mar 2007, 16:23   comments (4)

This little piglet

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Went over to a friend's house last night to watch some Battlestar
Galactica. They have a Sphynx cat, which was very playful and curious.
9th Mar 2007, 20:43   comments (3)