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Asshole Manager

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Oh man I hate the new manager in the shop I work in. He never admits to being wrong which causes problems forf everyone, he has rediculous hair and fashion sense. Yes even worse than Dale winton and that big haired guy who go sacked from the bbc. Oh yeah Russel Brand and also Lawrencence Llewyn Bowen or whatever his name is. anyway he even grills people for been one minute late. And that's for being late into the actual shop floor and not the staff room. He even flipped out at me for having thee audacity to 'call in sick the day before I was supposed to be in. you may thin 'Oh fair enough' but what I actually did was call the shop to warn them I was not well as we were short staffed so they could be prepared for me to call in sick with a stomach bug. which I did. And because I had a stomach ache at work one time he has suggested i see a doctor. What? Based on two counts of unrelated digestive system pain at least three months apart? Asshole. Oh and why do I haved to add a phboto every time i post something? Yeah that sucks
27th Oct 2009, 22:00   | tags:,,comments (0)

Packed lunch

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Don't you just hate it when the sandwich ham runs out before you realise? Just when you are about to make your daily work lunch and cohabiter has eaten it all without warning. This also happens extremely frequently with mini cheddar packs. So I keep having to buy more before i go to work and then make lunch if there is time! No wonder i can't be bothered to even look in the fridge most mornings, but then i've hmv a terrible habit of spending way too much a day on shop lunches
27th Oct 2009, 21:33   | tags:,comments (0)