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The Challenge
To take a picture of myself every day for the next 365 days. I will also be adding random stats and hopefully improving them along with myself over the next year. I also update my normal moblog (Much Randomness) quite often.

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Sneeky Peek

(viewed 723 times)
27th Jun 2007, 22:38   | tags:,comments (5)

Grrr Wedgie

(viewed 808 times)
MaggieD wondered if my daily pic would be me with a wedgie, well tada!

Please excuse the bits in my teeth - the wedge was really hot and could
only take a few.

26th Jun 2007, 21:04   | tags:,comments (5)

odd expression

(viewed 643 times)
25th Jun 2007, 15:29   | tags:,comments (6)


(viewed 586 times)
2 seconds later...

24th Jun 2007, 21:13   | tags:,comments (4)

nearly forgot!

(viewed 393 times)
23rd Jun 2007, 23:09   | tags:,comments (6)

The Laughing Beer

(viewed 1196 times)
It's very hard to drink a bottle when nearly laughing heh.

22nd Jun 2007, 21:36   | tags:,,,comments (3)


(viewed 801 times)
ok, so my idea of taking pictures around my head and using stitching software didn't work,

so here's the next best image i could produce.

almost 300 degrees of kyoob in one image!
21st Jun 2007, 23:17   | tags:,,comments (6)

Sunny Day

(viewed 628 times)
Lovely day today, thought i'd get number 3 in with the nice light, and also not in the lift, eh nige?
20th Jun 2007, 08:08   | tags:,comments (9)