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Fun With Movies is a puzzle game from an idea by monkeyfinger and bfish.

The object of the game is to work out what movie has been posted. The first person to guess then gets to post the next movie, and so on.

Rules of the game:

post 4 stills from a movie, or 4 images that are clues to the movie's title.

Keep track of replies to your post so you can tell when someone has guessed correctly

Let the winner know in the comments below so they can post their own!

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FWM <172> aka The show must go on!!!

(viewed 1019 times)
I think it's a movie mr.nige wants to post a long time this is kind of a tribute to him....__________________________________________________________
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Dem pfiffigeren Posteingang.

Posted by fdgfgdfg

3rd Jul 2008, 08:39   comments (0)


(viewed 888 times)
great book, great film.

Posted by monkeytwohands

11th Jun 2008, 00:41   comments (31)

FWM 170

(viewed 925 times)
sorry for the was really hard to get this...some i had to do with some kind of chinese guess wrong the first 10 times!!! ;)__________________________________________________________
Gesendet von Yahoo! Mail.
Dem pfiffigeren Posteingang.

Posted by fdgfgdfg

9th Jun 2008, 10:02   comments (8)


(viewed 1015 times)
i loves the black and white ones don't i.

Posted by monkeytwohands

2nd Jun 2008, 21:48   comments (17)

Fun with Movies 168

(viewed 859 times)
A classic. Someimes quoted but never beaten.

Posted by taniwha

29th May 2008, 19:35   comments (5)


(viewed 1768 times)

Posted by Dave (nee Spike)

23rd May 2008, 08:45   comments (62)

Fun with movies #166

(viewed 1113 times)
I'm posting this partly to draw attention to a movie that many may not
have seen, and everyone should.

Posted by Alfie

22nd May 2008, 13:59   comments (6)

MY 1st (FWM 165)

(viewed 1135 times)
hope this finally works!!!!

Posted by fdgfgdfg

22nd May 2008, 13:02   comments (12)