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Fun With Movies is a puzzle game from an idea by monkeyfinger and bfish.

The object of the game is to work out what movie has been posted. The first person to guess then gets to post the next movie, and so on.

Rules of the game:

post 4 stills from a movie, or 4 images that are clues to the movie's title.

Keep track of replies to your post so you can tell when someone has guessed correctly

Let the winner know in the comments below so they can post their own!

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

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FWM 199

(viewed 870 times)
First attempt, so apologies for the low quality.

Should be easy, then someone can get one and post a better one.

Posted by rhys

23rd Nov 2008, 17:15   comments (3)

fun with movies 198 (united states special edition)

(viewed 1188 times)
in honour of all things north american...

(or should that be "honor?")

Posted by billion

11th Nov 2008, 16:04   comments (39)

Fun with movies 197

(viewed 943 times)

Posted by nige

10th Nov 2008, 22:44   comments (2)

Pun With Doobies 196

(viewed 1028 times)
Sorry for being a little late.

Posted by monkeytwohands

7th Nov 2008, 16:58   comments (9)

Movi funtime yada yada yada (195)

(viewed 1020 times)
This should be pretty easy..

Posted by Sir Findo Gask

3rd Nov 2008, 19:53   comments (7)

Fun With Movies: #(mumble mumble mumble)

(viewed 1332 times)
Should be pretty easy.

Posted by

1st Nov 2008, 15:29   comments (20)

The Return Of Fun With Movies: Episode 193: Flash Gordon Meets The Rocket Men From Mars Versus Flying Saucers From One Billion B

(viewed 1136 times)

Posted by monkeytwohands

30th Oct 2008, 12:01   comments (21)

FWM - 192

(viewed 1457 times)

Posted by fdgfgdfg

14th Oct 2008, 15:41   comments (27)