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I am going to document my attempt to party as much as I can for the rest of the year to make up for lost time and to have fun!

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Keith's 30th b-day con't

5 dance areas with house, 80's, latin, top 40, and a hip hop area. Mainly stayed in the top 40 and 80's area, had a dance off with the b-day boy and just all around had a great night! Can't wait to go again!

Keith's 30th Birthday

October 18th, 2008

The night was spent at On Broadway, dinner started at 730, food was okay, drinks were good, company was great!
20th Oct 2008, 21:22   comments (1)

October 3rd

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This is a little late, but October 3rd I went out to a bar called Whiskey Girl with my friend Marc, same bar as the Gaslamp bar tour, but I was not feeling the music, pretty bad old school mix if you ask me, difficult to keep a groove to, which was sad cause the last time I was here it seemed a lot funner. Moved on next door to a bar with a smaller dance floor called Henry's. I definitely had more fun here, better music, better vibe.
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I forgot my camera so there are no pictures to be had which is a shame since everyone was looking so good, lets just say I clean up nice. I went with my friends Jason and Albert to a club downtown called Belo and we were on some list so we didn't have to wait in line which was definitely pleasant. We were there early which I like because you get to case the joint out, I walked around without bumping into people and saw everything they had to offer, 3 different dance areas with 3 different DJs and multiple bars. Very fun, a lot of older music that brought me back to my high school and college days. Also some of my sorority sisters met up with us, it was great seeing them and getting to hang out with them, plus unlike my guys friends they understood a look of desperation when they saw one when I needed some saving from random guys. So I had started my drinking early on at Jason's apartment sobered up by the time I got to the club and ordered an LA Water which was a mistake. I drank this drink at like 10 and was still drunk til 2. I had a great time dancing for about 2 hours and then my feet started to hurt, I wore the wrong shoes, so I proceeded to find a place to sit, unfortunately the only places to sit in a club are in VIP areas luckily as I was walking by and some guy shook my hand and pulled me into a VIP area so I got to sit down on a coach. It was some girls 21st birthday. Some guy sat next to me and I asked him his name and he pointed at his shirt which said Johnny on it. He then proceeded to keep talking to me so because I wanted to stay and sit and I kept talking to him. I tried to leave and go get water but he gave me cranberry juice. Then kept asking me to play paper rock scissors, the best out of 7 and we played 3 rounds. This was the wierdest thing ever. After I lost in the 3rd round I started feeling sick and awkward so I said I had to go find my friends and left. Wasn't too hard considering Jason is like 6 ft 5 and finished dancing out the night. Went home, there was some singing and dancing in the car and I was dropped off. I had a great night for the most part and can't wait til next time. I was also told that everyone loved the gaslamp bar tour idea and that it was to be repeated so I that is something to look forward to, maybe we'll be able to finish out the the tour this time around. (Edit - Luckily my friends had their camera and they took this picture and I was able to get it from them)
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September 20th, 2008

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Two new bars I have never been to, D Street Bar and Grill in Encinitas where we said farewell to my friend Nicole as she moved back to Orange County and out of San Diego. The Second bar was at the Boars in Carlsbad where I met up with lil bro G! D Street Bar and Grill definitely had the better dj and better crowd sorry to say but the Boars had the cuter bartender although getting a free shot from him probably helped sway my decision on that part. I wasn't in the biggest party mood considering I had to drive home so I tried to limit my drinks, which still didn't work out that well anyways. I made my merry way home at 1, definitely an early night for me. Shout out to my friend Adam who talked to me all the way home, Thanks buddy!
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Bar Tour continued

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After the first bar we made our way to Double Deuces, a country western dancing bar, free shots that tasted like a jolly ranchers were delicious. Let me tell you country western dancing is a lot harder than you may think and I know I couldn't figure it out til the song was over and it was too late. Next we made our way to Whiskey Girl where dancing ensued. Upstairs was similar to nightclub havoc without the having to dress all fancy part. Downstairs was more laid back with a karaoke atmosphere. The drunk bar sang out loud to every song as we danced. Definitely a group drunken effort. Afterward we walked the few blocks it took us to get to Basic, unfortunately at this point my lil bro was sooo drunk and stumbling about that he was not allowed in and thus ended my night. At this point I was hungry and what else is there to do but head to 24 hour Denny's for some grub. My lil bro and his brothers con't on the night so I felt like a party pooper but when I am hungry nothing comes between me and food!

My Lil Bro's 21st Birthday

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September 6th, 2008
This past weekend was the celebration of my lil bro's 21st birthday and if your wondering why we don't look alike its because we are greek big sis and lil bro so we aren't actually blood related. In grand tradition we celebrated his 21st b-day by going on a downtown San Diego Bar Tour. We started off at Bare Back Bar and Grill for free Sangria and $3 drafts and well drinks. Cheap by my standards! It was definitely a fine place to start, not overcrowded and great food.

PB Bar and Grill

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A popular hot spot for the youngsters (21-24) in San Diego is PB ( Pacific Beach ) and although I have been born and raised in San Diego I have never had the opportunity to grace PB with my presence so what better time than now? I stayed with my friend Jessica and we met up some awesome people ( Sasha, Shelley and Ben) and made our way to this local bar with dance floor. I ordered my drink LA Water wondering what it is? A variation of a Long Island Iced Tea here is the ingredient list: 1/2 oz of Vodka, Gin, Light Rum, Triple Sec, Blue Caracao, and Rasberry Liquer/Midori Sour. I highly recommend it! Dancing was not an option this night as there were just too many people on the dance floor so on to the pool tables. Might I just say I was very intoxicated and loud, a regular cheerleader. I played four games and was completely incapable of hitting even one ball into a hole. Sad for my team but still I was able to meet some great people and some not so great people (lets just say I was pushed around many a times ) I also met the hottest asian chick of my life! I tried to hook her up with my other good looking friend but lets just say she was on her way home so it was a no go. I think that is what happens to me when I drink I try and play match maker.
4th Sep 2008, 00:10   | tags:,,comments (2)
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