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alien big cat

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I found this in the street, City Square, near Leeds train station. When I
got it home Sailor (see previous photo of cute ginger cat) went into
defensive position and started meowing worriedly. The standee is about 4
foot tall, and she thought a massive cat had gotten in the house. She
eventually came over and sniffed it when I demonstrated it wasn't real, but
one of her paws was still trembling.
23rd Feb 2008, 13:15   comments (3)

sailor ripley woods

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27th Oct 2007, 02:41   comments (1)

dude i'm not feeling so good right now

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22nd Oct 2007, 22:01   comments (3)

the monitor

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22nd Oct 2007, 21:46   comments (2)

is everything ok?

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18th Oct 2007, 00:44   comments (2)

no sleep

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17th Oct 2007, 03:10   comments (0)

sometimes i amaze even myself

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14th Oct 2007, 23:49   comments (3)

big headed jesus

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13th Oct 2007, 18:21   comments (0)
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