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Hello: My name is MonkeeSee (Number 001)

“I am a man of the world.
Going to and fro and walking up
and down in it.”

~ William S. Burroughs

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MonkeeSee says: at MoMa. Rossellini poster. Collection of Martin Scorcese.

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26th Jan 2007, 08:16   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: subway musician. Bedford ave stop. Brooklyn, NY

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26th Jan 2007, 07:54   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Self-portrait. Mirror. Whitney Altria on 42nd street.

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26th Jan 2007, 07:39   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: subway. Vitamin seller. Captive audience.

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26th Jan 2007, 04:18   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: girl drawing.

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26th Jan 2007, 03:29   comments (1)

MonkeeSee says: pizza shop bathroom. Brooklyn, NY

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24th Jan 2007, 04:53   comments (3)

MonkeeSee says: on the way to a new freelance job. In subway. Union Square. NYC

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24th Jan 2007, 04:46   comments (2)

MonkeeSee says: 23rd and Park Ave South. NYC

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24th Jan 2007, 04:39   comments (0)