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Hello: My name is MonkeeSee (Number 001)

“I am a man of the world.
Going to and fro and walking up
and down in it.”

~ William S. Burroughs

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MonkeeSee says: Shooting your mouth off. GP BK.

(viewed 408 times)
10th Jul 2008, 22:48   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Highly Recommended for OK Stain Removal. East Village, NY.

(viewed 357 times)
2nd Jul 2008, 20:44   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Clairvoyant. East Village, NY.

(viewed 400 times)
2nd Jul 2008, 20:42   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Kinetic Street Sculpture. View from Moonstruck Diner. East Village, NY.

(viewed 323 times)
2nd Jul 2008, 20:38   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Doggy in the Window. Rivington St. LES, NY.

(viewed 330 times)
2nd Jul 2008, 20:36   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Backlit tags. Rivington St. LES, NY.

(viewed 357 times)
2nd Jul 2008, 20:33   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Fang. Cakeshop. LES, NY.

(viewed 367 times)
2nd Jul 2008, 07:30   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Cakeshop. entering basement. LES, NYC.

(viewed 369 times)
2nd Jul 2008, 07:28   comments (0)