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Hello: My name is MonkeeSee (Number 001)

“I am a man of the world.
Going to and fro and walking up
and down in it.”

~ William S. Burroughs

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MonkeeSee says: I placed an ad up and ended up donating it...

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to an elementary school teacher for a class project on community. Here are their results!

A small city in a once dormant, unused, seemingly useless suitcase that was ready for the trash again!

Wonderful! Bravo kids!
23rd Oct 2008, 15:37   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: a seemingly useless vintage forecast suitcase. Should it go in the trash stream?...a big Hmn here.

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23rd Oct 2008, 15:35   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: Pippin Vintage Jewelry on 16th St in NYC. Finnish ring circa 1974

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23rd Oct 2008, 15:04   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: before on the subway I spotted this mutant baby. Friendly enough so it seemed.

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23rd Oct 2008, 15:04   comments (1)

MonkeeSee says: in the four hours that passed I thrifted and bought this brass pitcher at Salvation Army on 46th street.

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23rd Oct 2008, 07:05   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: haz mat on site. Ugh. Better safe than sorry.

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23rd Oct 2008, 07:02   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: a small crowd builds. It wasn't me! I swear!

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23rd Oct 2008, 07:00   comments (0)

MonkeeSee says: day 2 of my interview and we are all locked out: suspicious package. NYTimes, NY

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23rd Oct 2008, 06:58   comments (0)