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We couldn't interest Kevin McCloud in our barn conversion, so we went one better, a blog. You can follow our progress as we turn what was the kitchen of a medieval grange in south Devon into a home for a family of four. I will attempt to answer any questions, so write away!

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Enchanted garden

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This shows what could be a motorbike covered in tarpaulin but is actually two butler sinks. Now you know!
30th Nov 2005, 15:45   comments (0)

The garden takes shape...

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The garden is looking shorn after an afternoon's shearing. Talking of shearing, sheep would once have occupied this space.
30th Nov 2005, 15:43   comments (0)

Cat slide roof over the piggery

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The gaps in the walls are where the pigs used to enter to feed from their troughs. Incidentally it will also be the family eating quarters.

Will the smell of the pigs or the echoes of their munching reverberate around the kitchen? We can only hope that they do.

Lately Mr T's trailor has been parked outside to be filled with leftover rubble from the walls of the piggery.
30th Nov 2005, 15:39   comments (0)

Oink Oink! The piggery, walls down

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1 December 2005: Got the rest of the rubble cleared from the piggery and taken away by the best farmer in the world, Mr Thornton, bless you!
Big slate flagstones have appeaered in the piggery which gives us hope for futrue flooring.
30th Nov 2005, 15:29   comments (0)

Eat your heart out: looking east to the piggery

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30th Nov 2005, 15:25   comments (0)

Another gazette bargain - woodburner, ?75 mate

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29th Nov 2005, 16:00   comments (1)

The western barn becomes a shed for childrens' toys

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1 December 2005: Put up swings inside for the girls. Tenders have been sent out at last, due back on 5 January. Then it will be a moment of truth.
29th Nov 2005, 15:56   comments (0)

It's like a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under

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Abandon all hope that enter here. This is the route to the sewage treatment plant in our neighbour's garden. Well, it will take their poo too.
29th Nov 2005, 15:52   comments (0)