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We couldn't interest Kevin McCloud in our barn conversion, so we went one better, a blog. You can follow our progress as we turn what was the kitchen of a medieval grange in south Devon into a home for a family of four. I will attempt to answer any questions, so write away!

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The floor has been raised significantly to get over the leat which runs underneath the bedrooms.
21st Jun 2006, 09:58   comments (0)


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21st Jun 2006, 09:54   comments (0)

in through the out door

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View west, with the wall taking shape. Kev still has to go in. Regular readers will know who Kev is.
21st Jun 2006, 09:52   comments (3)

holey moley

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21st Jun 2006, 09:51   comments (0)

door of perception

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The hallway starts to take shape as the first internal walls are compeleted. This is the doorway to J&H;'s bedroom. The front door is straight ahead.
26th May 2006, 09:09   comments (3)


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June 6: The scaffolding is about to come down now we have chosen the colour of the fascias - light oak. The rest of the wood exterior will be an opaque stain - not chosen which yet
26th May 2006, 09:05   comments (2)

holes in the wall

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The roof is nearly complete - all five Veluxes are in place - and digging is due to start on the drains internally and externally. The south facing garden has to be dug up first. Once the drains are in the slab can go down. The first floor is in and the insulation in the main roof section is in. Bernard says he wants to change the siting of the package treatment plant, and asked the builders. Bit cheeky. Anyway, he's been put right on that... We've got to move out of our current home for a week - been packing like crazy. Then we move out for good at the end of June - for two weeks camping. Let's hope the weather gets better than it is now - awful today. Tho windy yesterday and managed to squeeze in a sail after discovering the UJ. Had a barbecue for Pete's 40th last week - then he got engaged. Hope he's got enough time left to finish our barns. Looking forward to the next two weeks - should be major changes and i shall try to record it as well as I can.
26th May 2006, 09:03   comments (0)


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There was a huge pile of stone here which is now shrouded in nettles.
26th May 2006, 09:02   comments (0)