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Moblog is about sharing, communicating, playing with new gadgets, and above all having fun!
We love this site so much, we decided to give up some time everyday to help manage it.

Welcome to moblog news. Your community-powered site support hub.

This is one of three moderator-only moblogs, set up by the moderators for all mobloggers.

We are going to use this blog to publish all appointments, decisions and policy changes made between the moderation and site admin teams behind the scenes.

Follow this group to get updates on how the site is developing and to get an insight into what goes on to keeping the good-ship Moblog sailing!

Meet the people powering moblog at meet the mods

Meet other mobloggers in Interview52

Hooked up with any mobloggers recently? Post it in moblog meets.

Are your pictures good enough to win a competition? photography competitions.

If there is an event, appeal, point of contention or call to action which you feel is strongly relevant to the Moblog community and you would like it posted here please contact Viv or nige or any of the moderators, to broadcast your message via moblog news.

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Happy New Year for moblog!

(viewed 2577 times)
Great news everyone - moblog has a new server, which should be more
powerful, faster, and allow for some fairly major software changes

When will it start to function?
No promises here - but Mat says...

"We are working hard to get everything set up, tested and running right."

Then when all tasks are completed and the new server goes live, it
should be barely noticeable from a user's perspective, (perhaps a few
minutes of downtime) except everything will be faster!

So it's a Happy New Year to you and a Happy New Year to moblog.

Image from;=555&s;=biz
14th Jan 2011, 18:30   comments (14)

Advent Calendar 2010

(viewed 2126 times)

24 different 'mobloggers', who will give us their perspective on the festive season.

This is the 4th moblog Advent calendar and up to now only a very small number of people have posted twice, so unless you are one of those people, if you wish to contribute please indicate below and I will send you a link to a google document, where you can sign up against a date.

So grab your date quickly - once they are gone they are gone (as they say!)

Thanks to Bronxelf for the above image.
24th Nov 2010, 21:44   comments (51)

Moblog site maintenance

(viewed 1432 times)
As some of you know, a Twitter fix has been made...

and now some more Moblog maintenance work will take place on the evening of Friday 26th November, between 2100-2300 UK time.

The site will be down during this period and a maintenance notice willbe posted.

We very much hope the work will help to address some ongoing problems .

Thanks to all moblog users for your patience and support.

Picture courtesy of Laszlo Q. V. St-J. Xalieri @ Xalieri's moblog

23rd Nov 2010, 00:23   comments (6)

remember the caption competition?

(viewed 2377 times)
We said we'd give some sort of prize in February - T shirts were definitely on the list,

but it would be good to have some more entries, so please see what you can do before March 1st.

We will then get together a panel of judges and sort something out!

posted by Viv
11th Feb 2010, 11:51   comments (2)

New groups

(viewed 1675 times)
Groups are a great feature of moblog but are easily overlooked.

We would like to remedy this so for starters we are introducing you to two of the newest groups...

Caine's Birds

and Wendle's Fisheye Fotos

posted by Viv
26th Jan 2010, 12:14   comments (3)

Make friends, keep in touch.....

(viewed 1963 times)
Ready for the Christmas countdown?
Will you be looking on a daily basis for the 24 posts from 24 different mobloggers who are helping us to count down to Christmas?

Is the advent calendar linked to your dashboard - in other words are you a member of the advent calendar group?

If you enjoy moblog as a community, then make the most of it, by making friends with people whose posts you enjoy and joining the groups that interest you. That way you are connected via your dashboard and won't miss out.

If you are not a member already why not join the advent calendar group - maybe even add a widget to your sidebar...

and while you are in the joining mood don't forget the caption competition ...

and last but not least - please if you haven't already make a friend of moblognews!

thanks Beth for the image

posted by Viv
30th Nov 2009, 12:52   comments (8)

Time for more fun

(viewed 1745 times)
We have decided to make this an ongoing group, with quarterly prizes, the least you'll get is a t shirt and a laugh!
So if you have a picture that you're posting and a humorous remark enters your head, then post it on the caption competition site instead of, or as well as on your own.
Let the fun begin :)

Remember you have to join the group to post a picture.
23rd Nov 2009, 20:27   comments (2)

Your pictures needed for this year's advent calendar...

(viewed 1891 times)
Well whether we like it or not Christmas is well on its way...

It has become something of a moblog tradition to celebrate with an advent calendar.

As far as possible we like to use new contributors, so if you haven't contributed in the previous two years and would like to play your part in this year's moblog Advent, please email me

If you don't I may well email you - I have a list!

Thanks to Twiglet for the image :)
15th Nov 2009, 19:37   comments (37)