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Moblog is about sharing, communicating, playing with new gadgets, and above all having fun!
We love this site so much, we decided to give up some time everyday to help manage it.

Welcome to moblog news. Your community-powered site support hub.

This is one of three moderator-only moblogs, set up by the moderators for all mobloggers.

We are going to use this blog to publish all appointments, decisions and policy changes made between the moderation and site admin teams behind the scenes.

Follow this group to get updates on how the site is developing and to get an insight into what goes on to keeping the good-ship Moblog sailing!

Meet the people powering moblog at meet the mods

Meet other mobloggers in Interview52

Hooked up with any mobloggers recently? Post it in moblog meets.

Are your pictures good enough to win a competition? photography competitions.

If there is an event, appeal, point of contention or call to action which you feel is strongly relevant to the Moblog community and you would like it posted here please contact Viv or nige or any of the moderators, to broadcast your message via moblog news.

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a bit further down the road

(viewed 2572 times)
We must say it is great to have moblog zipping along and some old friends returning as well as new bloggers.

Just to keep you up to date...

Moblog has four new and one not quite so new adminstrators.

Swamprose some time back wanted to 'kill' spam etc and moved to admin' status to be able to do the task. She was joined earlier this year by Crickson, Spiderbaby, Taniwha and Viv, who all now help do the moblog housekeeping!
1st Mar 2012, 09:42   comments (6)

Year of the dragon

(viewed 2170 times)
Hope some of you are enjoying Chinese New Year celebrations

if so could you please share them with us @ Celebrations

Image courtesy of Caine
22nd Jan 2012, 12:35   comments (2)

Having a problem?

(viewed 2406 times)
Mat did mention it in his news post but thought it might be a good idea to draw attention to the new ip address,

also the only email address working just now is and should be working sometime soon
18th Dec 2011, 13:39   comments (7)

In time for Christmas... moblog's new server is up and running. Very fast!

(viewed 4108 times)
Moblog has a new server. We've upgraded both our hardware and our software. More up to date versions of everything should mean a much faster and more stable site. Some things may be a little wobbly for the next couple of days, but we're working hard to make sure it's all OK. If you spot any issues, please let someone know here or via the contact page.

If you have a custom domain, you'll need to update your records. The new IP address is

For the technically inclined, the specs are - Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.53Ghz CPU, 8GB RAM, 4 x 500GB disks in a RAID array. Debian Linux operating system.

Thanks Mat

Image provided by Nige

Thanks Nige
13th Dec 2011, 13:44   comments (22)

time to sign up for the advent calendar...

(viewed 2804 times)
Thanks everyone list complete...

1st Twiglet
2nd Swamprose
3rd JC
4th Chenav
5th bfish
6th waxou
7th Spiderbaby
8th Candyman
9th Taniwha
10th Euphro
11th Crickson
12th minushabens
13th Caine
14th Puddlepuff
15th Lou
16th Cris
17th Javaboy
18th Dania
19th Craft
20th Factotum
21st Wilvir
22nd Wendle
23rd OJ
24th earthlad
25th mr.nige

Decided to go for Christmas Day too - know it is not advent but hey...

illustration by my niece Naomi Tipping - Viv
15th Nov 2011, 00:17   | tags:comments (26)

Please adjust your settings!

(viewed 3641 times)
Dear mobloggers,

We seem to be under a weird yet sustained attack at the moment from spambots adding random inappropriate comments to posts all over the site. We are doing our best to remove them as they come up but it would really help if you could adjust your privacy settings so that only registered users can comment on your blogs. This will help keep your lovely blogs nice and spam-free until we can find a better way to fight back.

To change your settings, go to "Profile" > "Privacy" > "Who can comment on my blog" switch to "registered users only".

2nd Jul 2011, 23:36   comments (14)

light at the end of the tunnel...

(viewed 2857 times)
Mat tells us...

"We're not quite there yet, but there is an end in sight and it's getting closer."

image courtesy of Euphro

16th Jun 2011, 18:27   comments (6)

speed....or a flash in the pan?

(viewed 1999 times)
Don't get too excited is ongoing.

There may be peaks and troughs in the site's performance while the work is being carried out.

The server move should be in early February if all goes to plan.

Image from Tiny
24th Jan 2011, 13:58   comments (8)