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One More Sunset

(viewed 539 times)
The pictures never do 'em justice...
17th Dec 2004, 01:28   comments (0)


(viewed 592 times)
17th Dec 2004, 01:26   comments (0)

Me Want Cookie

(viewed 1439 times)
The great philosopher Cookie monster.

In my day C was for cookie and it was good enough for us:
now C is for whatever you damn kids with your hair and your pants wanna
make it.
17th Dec 2004, 01:24   comments (0)

Fry's Burbank

(viewed 2177 times)
17th Dec 2004, 01:18   comments (0)

Gaylord Building

(viewed 962 times)
17th Dec 2004, 01:17   comments (1)

Media Offline

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Apropos of nothing.

Part of this Interesting Collection.

I guess a re-link to selected isn't going to work. :(

(Specific types of Geeks will get it.)
15th Dec 2004, 08:10   comments (5)


(viewed 715 times)
Corn, cheddar cheese and Green Chili Casserole.
12th Dec 2004, 01:21   comments (0)

Randy's Donuts

(viewed 643 times)
11th Dec 2004, 18:01   comments (4)