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"Like, birds are for the most part flying fish... Maybe they are a little smarter"

"They're birdbrains."

29th Dec 2004, 08:32   comments (1)

Rosa Parks Station in LA

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Where the green line meets the blue line.

Yes, we live in LA and we took public transport home from LAX to

It happens.
28th Dec 2004, 07:05   comments (1)

I Was Wrong...

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I figured this sign was just at Target of West Hollywood, but this ones
in Albuquerque!

Is there something we should know about Albuquerque? I mean I might
have expected such things out of Sante Fe, but...
28th Dec 2004, 07:02   comments (1)


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28th Dec 2004, 06:58   comments (0)

Downtown Socorro, NM

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28th Dec 2004, 06:58   comments (0)

M Mountain

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28th Dec 2004, 06:57   comments (0)

Luminarias In Soccoro, NM

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28th Dec 2004, 06:56   comments (0)

Balsamic and Oil

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28th Dec 2004, 06:54   comments (0)