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Parnngurr is located 370 kilometres due east of Newman in Western Australia.

The community is located in the Great Sandy Desert at the southern end of Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park.

There are 150 or so permanent residents here, a shop, and one school.

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Language Room 2

(viewed 714 times)
My next task is to learn what these mean. If anybody is learning English at the moment please have a guess at what these words are in English so I will know !
11th Sep 2005, 14:09   comments (0)

Language Room

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It keeps the kids in, the dogs out and saves on electronic monitoring - works very well too at least the kids can see the grass grow and the cars go past...............cant get out that way though.....the barbed wire is definetly going to stop you.
11th Sep 2005, 14:08   comments (0)

The Door

(viewed 933 times)
This is definetly the door.
11th Sep 2005, 14:08   comments (2)

The Menu

(viewed 760 times)
The kids are in control of the menu and they get to have some cool things too. I wonder what types of biscuits are up for grabs? I better go and find my 50 cents.
11th Sep 2005, 14:02   comments (0)

The Dump Trailer

(viewed 720 times)
There is one town dump and it is filled with all sorts of interesting things like car bodies, householf refuse and other bits and pieces. As soon as the trailer gets full it's off to the dump and back again to get filled all over again.
11th Sep 2005, 14:02   comments (0)

Mitsubishi Cool

(viewed 712 times)
The Parnngurru school has many airc-onditioners but this one took my interest as it has shows the creative markings of more than one pair of students fingers - I think it still works suprisingly :-)
11th Sep 2005, 14:01   comments (0)

Their Coming Up !

(viewed 696 times)
See ! The peas are doing well. Another two months and this garden will be baked into the soil or completly parched. The only things that might survive the summer heat might be the watermelons according to Gary .
11th Sep 2005, 13:53   comments (1)

The Community Garden

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Gary Lienert has built a fantastic graden with the local community involving lots of kids who wait anxiously for the pawpaw, the bananas, the peas, corn, potatos and carrots not to mention the beans and the tomatos.

The garden is irrigated and the students track it's progress and till the soil as part of their rural studies course. See gary's blog at for more top pictures.

The school benefit greatly from Pilbara TAFE's support in sending Gary out to assist with the development of these important projects.
11th Sep 2005, 13:52   comments (0)