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Parnngurr is located 370 kilometres due east of Newman in Western Australia.

The community is located in the Great Sandy Desert at the southern end of Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park.

There are 150 or so permanent residents here, a shop, and one school.

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Night Fright

(viewed 708 times)
...................11pm at night and this arrives at the front door!!!!! Thank goodness I'm only dreaming......
11th Sep 2005, 14:39   comments (0)

Bed Time

(viewed 747 times)
................must be close to shut eye time - still 25 degrees out here at sunset - beautiful!
11th Sep 2005, 14:29   comments (0)

BBQ - Style 3

(viewed 836 times)
Eat and run - Aussie style
11th Sep 2005, 14:28   comments (0)

BBQ - Version 2

(viewed 789 times)
Runs on gas ( when it's connected) and can be pushed around too ! Seems a little bit grotty this one so we might have to give it a good brush down before slapping the meat and veges on.
11th Sep 2005, 14:28   comments (0)

Barbie BBQ

(viewed 847 times)
You chuck the wood into the drum and spark it up, throw on the grill and hey presto you have a BBQ - great for burnt steak and crisp sausages. Makes for a good lap warmer too on a cold desert night.
11th Sep 2005, 14:27   comments (0)

End of the Interview

(viewed 819 times)
Phiggles the Flying Scientist made it to the end of the day. A day later and I saw a little kid running around the townsitre wearing exactly the same t-shirt. Phiggles was a scientist that flew in on a plane and did science experiements with the school students. It is amazing who turns up in these places so far from any major regional centre.
11th Sep 2005, 14:21   comments (0)


(viewed 712 times)
Tania contemplating what new technologies mean for Aboriginal students 600 kilometers inland from the coast.
11th Sep 2005, 14:20   comments (0)

Todays Notice

(viewed 715 times)
Git it ? Right now onto what we are up to tommorow. [ Trish or Tania could you please translate these for us so we know what they mean?]
11th Sep 2005, 14:17   comments (0)