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"We can believe what we choose, but we are accountable for what we choose to believe."

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baby zappa joe

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23rd Dec 2007, 22:46   comments (0)

Kel had a good night

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3rd Dec 2007, 19:37   comments (2)

El Mazote Memeorial

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Protesters lay on the ground along a clothes line holding blood spattered
children's clothes with a name and age attached to it. This is to visualize
what happened on that day. 800 men, women and children were massacred. An
entire village. All but one, who had to live through the screams of her
children saying "Mommy, help us! They're killing us!" She lived so that
she could tell the tale.
19th Nov 2007, 19:36   comments (0)

Pupetista Dramatization of El Mazote Massacre

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Pupetista Dramatization of the of El Mazote Massacre.
The Helicopter symbolizes the perpetrators of the massacre who were trained
at the School of the Americas.
The Eagle symbolizes the US's involvement in training troops to terrorize
their own people in the interest of US companies.
The Large puppet with open arms symbolizes hope.
19th Nov 2007, 19:26   comments (0)

Memorial at The Gates of Fort Benning

During a mock funeral procession by all of the 25000 people who attended,
each person laid their cross at the gates of Fort Benning to serve as a
memorial for all those who lost their lives at the hands of SOA graduates.
19th Nov 2007, 19:22   comments (0)

Ray ray on the way to vt

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4th Aug 2007, 00:46   comments (3)

Ahh! Wherd my hair go?!

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7th Jul 2007, 19:11   comments (1)