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I'm Cassandra, 22, from Hertfordshire. I've just finished a degree in English Literature from the University of Essex, getting a 2:1. Now... I'm not doing too much really! I work part-time, whilst looking for a more full-time job to fund my Masters course commencing 2008.
From this Moblog there are just a few things you may pick up on:

I Love...
Fluffy Things
Pink Things
Books - lots of them
Chick Flicks
Comedy Films
Films in general!
Music - especially Indie and Dance
My Nintendo DS... stupidly love that thing!
My iPod... love it even more than the DS!

I Hate:
Daddy Long Legs
'Fat' days
Rush hour in London
Sun and Rain at the same time - it's not natural!
Hot days... Winter for the win!
Horrible blokes with 1 tracked minds... I'm not a bitter singleton, honest!

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The Run Up To Christmas....

(viewed 518 times)
It all started for me when I went to London for an audition in November, and got a glimpse of the lovely Christmas Lights on Oxford Street!!! Although, I wish they were a bit more festive :( Why can't they reflect 'Happy CHRISTMAS' and not 'Happy HOLIDAYS'?
21st Dec 2006, 11:49   comments (2)

'D'ya like George Michaels?'

(viewed 629 times)
It goes without saying that the best concert of my life has to make it's way onto here. It was wonderful. Sadly, I was a dumbass and remembered my digicam but forgot batteries. >_< Doh! So, grainy mobile pictures must suffice. He's still lush. And a dodgy camera can never rob him of that ;)
20th Dec 2006, 23:35   comments (3)

Well.... here it all starts....

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Well... the ol' moblog starts here... This is me. Be prepared for a blog full of wonderous delights. Mainly involving my cat. She plays an unnaturally large part in my life and I am secretly envious of her fluffiness!

All that is left to say is.... enjoy!

Cassandra xXx
20th Dec 2006, 23:28   comments (11)
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