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I'm Cassandra, 22, from Hertfordshire. I've just finished a degree in English Literature from the University of Essex, getting a 2:1. Now... I'm not doing too much really! I work part-time, whilst looking for a more full-time job to fund my Masters course commencing 2008.
From this Moblog there are just a few things you may pick up on:

I Love...
Fluffy Things
Pink Things
Books - lots of them
Chick Flicks
Comedy Films
Films in general!
Music - especially Indie and Dance
My Nintendo DS... stupidly love that thing!
My iPod... love it even more than the DS!

I Hate:
Daddy Long Legs
'Fat' days
Rush hour in London
Sun and Rain at the same time - it's not natural!
Hot days... Winter for the win!
Horrible blokes with 1 tracked minds... I'm not a bitter singleton, honest!

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New Hair!

(viewed 575 times)
Before: The slightly worn out looking reddish tone.
After: The nice new fresh crisp dark brown look. Good, no?
25th Feb 2007, 00:06   comments (0)

A Display Of Pride For The Scarf!

(viewed 557 times)
My flatmates (the male ones) severely knocked my scarf, because its an
accessory I've rarely worn before. I don't like my wardrobe to become
staid and samey, so I accessorize all the time - costume jewellery,
belts, colourful shoes, and now, scarves. So, in a display of pride
for my wardrobe, I am showing off my scarf... and, although it smacks
of severe self-love, the comeback I used when my flatmate first saw my
scarf and laughed...'You can laugh all you like... I KNOW I look good!'
23rd Feb 2007, 10:08   comments (5)

Essay writing scariness...

(viewed 704 times)
I want to screeeeeeeem!
21st Feb 2007, 16:25   comments (6)

My lifesaver

(viewed 688 times)
For the days when i no longer have my trusty 'happy board' aka the pinboard. Look at all that pink girly kittenish lushness...
21st Feb 2007, 15:31   comments (5)

Oh dear...

(viewed 488 times)
Possibly THE most annoying £3 I've ever spent. I think i'll give it to my brother...
21st Feb 2007, 11:15   comments (0)

A Little Bit Too Snowy For My Liking...

(viewed 630 times)
Snow! 'Tis All...

Can I ask for some help from my fellow Mobloggers please? I have never quite fathomed how to send pics from my phone via email. But I didn't fret too much as I have an o2 email address and just uploaded my photos from my phone to my PC, then moblogged them via my o2 email all on my computer. HOWEVER... I got a new mobile, which I thought was a great idea at the time (and now proved to be more trouble than it's worth!) and the photo suite I got with it is corrupt on my Uni PC (altho it is ok on my home PC) and I'm having to take pics with my digi cam which isn't particularly impromptu, like mobile photos tend to be! I miss not being able to Moblog properly!!! So does anyone know how to help me set up the mobile email thingy on my mobile? If it helps, it is a Samsung E900 and I'm on o2.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese hellllllllllllllllllllp!
8th Feb 2007, 10:03   comments (2)

Pretty Little Kitty

(viewed 523 times)
Pretty Kitty!'Nuff said.
29th Jan 2007, 00:49   comments (2)

Me To You Bears!

(viewed 702 times)
I'm very bored, so thought I would take random piccage of part of my
'Me To You' bears collection. I have a fair few more at home, but
these are my uni ones :)
29th Jan 2007, 00:48   comments (0)