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I am a mom.

Let's see....followed the Grateful Dead for 5 years, did almost that in jail for lsd...was in there when jerry died, that really sucked, but all thing are for a reason unknown to us...

I take pics with my sexy and oh so techy iPhone 3G and Kodak DX7950 and C875

I am starting my own business of crafty shit....

I snowboard, surf, skate on a longboard, kayak, go to concerts, movies, baseball games and more

I have a flickr acct too
I also have a blog at
and lots of other techy geekery (but I am so not a geek, just keep track of stuff is all and have fun playing with intergadetry)

I like to get out and do stuff....and i really like dots....(periods, but that just sounds weird coming from a girl)

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Hello Kitty Sea

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11th Dec 2005, 04:37   comments (0)

Kitty update-week 3

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It has been about three weeks since I found the pretty starving kitty. She is filling out well, but still a ways to go.
She is so loving and sweet, it was 10 tries before I could get this shot because she wanted to rub all over me and the corners of everything!

You can still feel her ribs and her spine, but NOTHING near what she was like the Monday before Thanksgiving we found her!

Her fur is growing out nicely as well, very soft and fluffy and suprisingly, orange and grey tiger markings, very cool.

She is so sweet and just ignores our other kittys atempts to antagonize her into a fight. She is going to outweigh our other cat by a few pounds once she is fully filled out.
Oh and it is hard to tell, but she is VERY tall and lanky and VERY long. Longer and taller then a "average" kitty
11th Dec 2005, 02:55   comments (2)

Dia de los muertos

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A house warming gift i am working on
11th Dec 2005, 01:58   comments (0)


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