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Hi I'm Viv and I really am Viv....

(viewed 1644 times)
I am a Mancunian, who has variously lived in or near to Lincoln, Carlisle, Stoke on Trent, Norwich, Bristol and for the past 24 years the Yorkshire Dales, (beautiful but often inclement.)

I have been a member of moblog for 3 years 11 months.

I joined because my daughters were here.

Previous to joining, I would look in, but I felt as though I was looking through windows at people's private lives, living life vicariously, clicking on names found on my daughters' blogs and going into their worlds. So - I left messages as 'stalker mum' ...just to let them know I was there. I felt a stranger, on the outside looking in, wondering how everyone knew everyone else and feeling far too old to join with all those youngsters!

But I didn't want to stay a stalker so I joined. I braved it (that was how it felt.) I approached with caution, befriending those who befriended me.
It took a long time for me to make an initial move - it seemed presumptuous!

I went to my first meet in Leeds - it took Alfie back a bit when he saw the pictures, his comment was "Who's that Gran?" :) I won't ever let him live that one down....

Now I know... have met ... and made friends with, so many people ...

So if you're new here - remember we all were once.

Moblog is full of amazing people and I love it. If you want there's a place for you. Communities are like that - you have to make the effort to join and make friends and the community has to make the effort to welcome you.

I am a moderator because when things seemed to be going wrong, I was one of a number of people who cared enough to start asking questions and now I am part of a great team of people who want to see moblog become the vibrant fun place it was always meant to be.

Posted by Viv

8th Sep 2009, 23:25   comments (27)

Mo' Eccentric

(viewed 2221 times)
Hi, I'm Caine. I'm an old broad who is extra bitchy all the time. I don't like talking about myself, so this will be nice and short.

I chose this shot (all credit to Rick for the photo) because it illustrates in a small way the influence Moblog has had on me. Moblogging is an odd thing for me to do, as I'm not a social animal, I'm not a joiner and I dearly like my privacy. My favourite things are 1) thinking 2) reading 3) observing 4) learning 5) being left alone. I joined Moblog 3 years and 4 months ago. I'd never owned a camera, or had the slightest interest in photography. Photography is now a huge part of my life, and Mobloggers at large encouraged my new found love of all things photography. Moblog caught my imagination and opened up a whole new world and way of seeing for me.

I'm a Native Southern Californian who moved to North Dakota close to 18 years ago. I live in Almont, a town tiny enough to spit across. Whenever we get a cell tower close enough to us, I'll get a camphone. I look forward to exploring that way of taking photos. I started out with a Nikon Coolpix L1, which I still use for macro shots. I now have a Nikon D80 which I take everywhere. Have Camera, Will Travel. Or at least take a lot of walks. I do a lot of nature shots, because that's what I'm surrounded by. I'm easily fascinated by most anything though, and enjoy photographic challenges.

My favourite quotation is: "OH. DRAMA." - Death in Reaper Man, by Terry Pratchett. This pretty much sums up my reaction to drama of any kind. Drama-free is my preference in life.

What am I likely to highlight? The best answer is "it could be anything." A wide range of subjects and styles appeal to me. My dream features for Moblog are for subscribers to be able to post larger images (600 px on the longest side) and Bronxelf's custom privacy filters.

The people of Moblog welcomed me and made me feel I was a part of an international neighbourhood. I've made good friends. Moblog is full of great people and interesting slices of life; has served as a fantastic photography school and has introduced me to people who enable me in continued learning, something I value highly. Moblog is very much my internet home and this is the reason I'm willing to spend time moderating. I have found it very satisfying to terminate spam rather than complain about its presence. I look forward to Moblog's continued growth and helping out in any way I can. One of the first ways I'll be helping out is to free up a bit a cash and subscribe my second moblog - for all the joy I get out of Moblogging, it's the very least I can do.

It's been a long day, so I'm wandering off to bed. G'night all.

Posted by Caine

The hahaha! guy

(viewed 2183 times)
Hello. I'm nige, moblogger of 5+ years and recently described by mat as a "super-user". That made me chuckle. Let's just say that I spend a lot of time on this site and I love it. Photography is my fire and it is fuelled by Moblog.

I have recently been appointed as one of the site administrators. My main focus is to open up the lines of communication between management and community. It is going very well so far (mostly because of the amazing team of volunteers that have heeded the call-to-action) and all I can say is that if these management guys continue to be as open as they have been, they are going to make me look extremely good at my new (unpaid) job. I am all for that. I will also be working with beth on some creative ideas for Moblog groups.

Who am I?
I'm the hahaha! guy. About 50% of my moblog comments are a derivation of hahaha! or contain a hahaha! somewhere in the sentence. It's not that I haven't got anything else to say, it's just that I find so many things hilarious and a LOL or a LMAO does not have the same effect for me. This is exactly how I am in real life too, and people who meet me always comment on my laugh. It's big, it's buxom and it has some range. I laugh a lot.

I am also the Moblog projects guy. I think Alfie and jc1000000 can stake fair claim to this title too, but this is my profile and in my profile I am the projects guy! I love coming up with silly little proposals and then trying to convince the Moblog community to take part in them. Jump club, Interview52, Quotation and 365 project (or dailyme - mat's affectionate moniker - as it came to be known) are some of my inceptions. I have also just started 2-minute tour. Not original ideas, granted (though original ideas are coming, honest), but I set them up because there is something special about seeing this community share of themselves. The results are always entertaining.

The type of posts that I highlight:
Anything that pleases me. From great photography to quirky signs & shopfronts, or anything unusual. I will often be found digging in the annals of lesser known mobloggers for old gems. Euphro recently called it "highlight archaeology" which, I think, coins the activity to perfection. I am very fond of the past; a caretaker of memories, if you like. That is why I love photography so very much.

Groups I think you should look in on:
Electric Wheelchairs, Street Phon'ography, Shadows and Stencils are all very dear to my heart and contain some eccentric images that appeal to my sense of the surreal.

Blasts from the past:
I would like to see people posting to the Mirror group more often. Puddlepuff also created a funny group called SayMoblog! and I would love to see more activity in there. So far harimanjaro (aka Farnham's Ken Rockwell) and I remain the only people on that blog who actually pronounce the word "Moblog" correctly...

The single most inspiring event on Moblog:
Any time I meet a fellow moblogger I am always invigorated, but if I had to choose one event it would be the day I turned my back on a decade-long career as a headhunter and launched as a professional wedding photographer. Moblog inspired me to do it, such is the power of this community. We can move mountains.

Speaking of moving mountains, here's a question from a Microsoft interview for you. This is the kind of pretentious armoury I used to interview people with back in the day. See if you can think like a potential Microsoft employee. Just a bit of fun:

Q: How would you move Mount Fuji?*

Answer at the bottom of the page.

Enormously curious. Asks lots of questions. Prankster. Highly competitive. Stays seated in a cinema until the end-credits have rolled. Rides backwards on trains. Will build a home with my own bare hands in the next 10 years.

Moblog has rewarded me, time and time again, during my five years here. I cherish the community, and giving back to it is something that means a lot to me; I am going to work hard to do that in my new capacity. Moblog is such a wonderful platform for self-expression and I hope you will join us in helping us to further unlock it's potential.

Please feel free to drop me a line for a chat, or if you have any issues at all. And if I should drop a hahaha! on your moblog at any point, please don't feel self-concious; it's just how I express myself ; )

*A: One piece at a time. (Accepted answer by Microsoft)

Contact me: nige[at]moblog[dot]net

I'm on GMT.

Posted by nige

7th Sep 2009, 20:10   | tags:,,comments (15)

My name is Joe and I'm a...

(viewed 1677 times)
I am Joe.

I'm a freelance web developer, gadget junky, enthusiastic amateur cook and baker, eternal optimist, borderline alcoholic, Lomographer and petrol head.

I was the 393rd user of moblog and have been here for nearly 5 and a half years.

I lived in Leeds in the UK for 5 years, but decided a downshift was in order, and moved to darkest Lincolnshire just under a year ago. My mum runs a nursery and school here, which consistently performs in the top 4% in the UK, and it seemed somewhat stupid to be too far away for my daughter to attend.

Moblog is many things to me, I have made numerous friends here, real friends, the kind of friends that you can call at 2am and get an answer.

I wasn't a photographer until I found moblog, it made me look at the world as a series of potential images, it is because of moblog that I now own a Nikon D50, a multitude of lenses, several film cameras including an original Lomo LC-A and a wall full of prints from all over the world.

I'm likely to highlight photos that speak to me, are quirky in their composition or capture a moment in a way I wouldn't have thought of myself.

Putting myself in the moblog family tree would be quite difficult, I introduced a fair few people to moblog during my time in Leeds, I did some development on the site before version 2 was launched and I've been a mod for a long time, so I guess I'd probably be fairly near the top.

My advice to new mobloggers would be this: Photograph everything, from the mundane to the ridiculous and post it all. For me moblog is about journalling the things that happen in my life, people commenting on those images is a happy side effect, which just motivates me to post more.

The future of moblog depends on us. We the users, not we the mods or we the admin. The single most important thing for moblog is that we keep posting content, fresh content, interesting content, shocking content it doesn't matter. For moblog to move forward we must engage the masses, we must make moblog a place that people return to, for that to happen we must continue to be the interesting, talented, funny, intelligent, liberal and welcoming community that we are.

I need a beer.

Posted by Joe

7th Sep 2009, 14:47   comments (9)

Hiding in Plain Sight

(viewed 1689 times)
I am the quiet one.

After 5 years of being part of Moblog I am the one that is hiding out in the open for everyone to see. Looking at my picture history on Moblog is almost a lesson in the history of Sony Ericsson cameraphones.

My love for cameras doesn't go back only 5 years though and has never been exclusive to digital and cameraphones. When I was little my mom had an old Russian 35mm camera that I always lusted after, but my mom was a smart person and didn't let me near it. Instead she got me a little 110 cartridge film camera. I adored that camera and the pictures I took are still in my mom's photo collection.

These days I own 2 old film cameras and a Nikon D70. Of course I have the SE C902 also and it gets used very often. I barely go anywhere without some kind of camera in my hand. I love digital, but my true love is B&W; film photography. I'll never give up my film cameras. And if film ever stops being made I'll stock up on all that I can find.

My days and nights are almost totally chock full of computers and games. My job involves gaming and computers and much of my free time too. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm also a games journalist. I am a gamer and I love writing, so while it may be another job, it doesn't feel like it. Technology is a passion for me and it just feel logical to be writing.

I don't write about me though. I figure that pictures say more than any of my words ever could. A look through my moblog will say better who I am than any words I could write.

I'm watching what you're creating.

Posted by Kostika

6th Sep 2009, 14:35   | tags:,comments (13)

Replicant: A genetically engineered creature composed entirely of organic substance.

(viewed 1723 times)
With any luck, this will be the most anyone will have to hear from me.


Believe me, it's best for all of us that way.

It would be awesome if the site could just run itself, with no input from anyone. Moblog would be a place where nothing broke and everyone got just the features they wanted, and none of the stuff they didn't. There would be no spam and no one would bitch(good luck with that.). It would make money hand over fist, too(since we're dreaming).

Sadly, this isn't what we have. So I'm an admin, because the powers that be trust me not to b0rk the site and haven't figured out a way to kill me yet (Alfie has tried, though.) Though I'm comfortable in an administrative role, it is strange for me(specifically) to be in *this* one. I personally am really quite the opposite of what the vast, vast majority of moblog is about. I prefer to think of myself as the anti-admin, though I have been known to answer to the Goth Mod, The Evil Empire, the Dark Side of the Force, That Bitch, and Hey You. What seems like an age and a half ago, I became the first US mod on Moblog. That's the only time you'll hear me refer to myself and the US in the same sentence. I'm a New Yorker. My remotest concern ends at city limits.

As to Moblog, well, it's just like life. The things most people seem to really feel passionately about don't interest me in the slightest and vice versa. The list of things I care about is very short. The list of things I don't care about is infinite. I am interested in individuals; community isn't something that appeals to me. There is *NOTHING* about me that is family friendly. A short list of things I am not: social, gregarious, outgoing, extroverted, inclusive, and nurturing. No to all, on a grand and glorious scale. However, I do tend to be reasonably polite, which gets me excellent service at restaurants. Given the choice between doing damn near anything and being left alone, I prefer to be left alone the vast majority of the time. If you ask me what my core value is, it's independence. If you're looking for an alignment I'm a true neutral(and boy does that make people uncomfortable). I don't queue, and I curse like a sailor on extended shore leave. I am exceptionally reasonable, but I am not necessarily fair(neither is life. Cope.) My favorite saying is "'deserve' is not an operating principle of the universe." I have been accused of being many horrible things and about half of them are true(though I do wish I'd stop being accused of the other half, because it's freaking tedious). I do not make small talk, nor do I drink, smoke, gamble or do drugs. I am an *extremely* private person and if I could implement one feature IMMEDIATELY on moblog with a wave of my mitten it would be the ability to set custom filters for every post. Precision and punctuality are traits I appreciate. I care about how the site functions(and whether or not it's financially solvent), but don't care about how people *feel* about it. Other people with a significantly deeper vested interest in the latter can take care of that part. Think of me as your neighborhood replicant. I value brains over niceness, efficiency over sentiment and I am a stone cold pragmatist in a sea of idealists(often to their horror).

Idealism makes me giggle and tastes good with toast. Other than that, I find it to be almost entirely useless.

I am not the droid you're looking for.

My photos are usually taken with a Nikon DSLR. The camphone shots are taken with an ancient treo650, which is WHY most of the shots are taken with a Nikon DSLR. As to what I'm likely to highlight, my answer is "anything I damned well want.", which has worked out pretty well all these years. I'm interested in good photos, regardless of who takes them. As previously mentioned, I am a born native of the City of New York. My accent is included at no extra charge. I like NYC, animals, food(and animals that are food), architecture, design, photography, decorative arts, Coney Island, and chess. After that, it gets iffy pretty rapidly. I am a design and art professional(a real one, thanks), a good DJ, an INTJ poster child and carbon based.

Everything else is largely irrelevant and probably none of anyone else's business. I don't do interviews.

I can frequently be found on Second Life, where I am exactly the way I am in first life because I don't believe in personality transplants.

Disbelieve what I've written here at your peril, and don't blame me for any disillusionment you may experience. You've been warned. Void where prohibited, your mileage may vary and restrictions may apply.

The accompanying photo was taken by Lars Lunde, on a rainy November night a few years ago in Times Square. If there's a photo of me that can be said to be representative, this one covers it.

Carry on.

Posted by bronxelf

6th Sep 2009, 09:10   | tags:,comments (27)

Hello from Euphro

(viewed 1831 times)
I'm going to follow mat's template here; after all he's the one who kicked it all off.

What kind of stuff are you likely to highlight on moblog?

Pictures that tell a story, or are visually strong. Anything that gives me that visceral kick when I see it - makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, even. It's hard to define.

Where do you live?

In the UK, north of Cambridge, with my very understanding wife and two small children.

How long have you had a Moblog?

Four years and six months.

What does Moblog mean to you?

Moblog is a very special place for me. Being a moblogger is one of the ways that I define myself, it's that important. It has shown me the power of connecting like-minded people and it gives me great hope for the future. Through Moblog I finally understood that the view of the Internet and computers as some sort of dehumanising force couldn't be farther from the truth. It's all about people and Moblog shows it to be such a warm, friendly and funny place to be. It has also enabled me to make the most wonderful new friends and to find people just as crazy about photography as I am.

What is your favourite means of taking photographs?

I'm a camera fanatic; I love them all, although I don't shoot much film any more. Phone cameras are really good now; I've got a Sony Ericsson C905, which I love. Camera-wise I have Nikon dSLRs and Canon compacts. I'm a bit of an agnostic when it comes to brands.

If you had to draw a moblog family tree, who would you be linked to
and how?

I found Moblog through a BBC News article so I don't have any Moblog "ancestors", apart from mat, of course :) I'm not sure I can claim any "descendants", although I have pointed several people to the site who later became members :)

What would you most like to happen to moblog in the future?

I hope that it continues to grow, and, that it keeps its wonderful community spirit. It is loved by a great many people who care deeply about it and want it to continue to be great. Moblog is unique in my experience and it is the people that make it that way; I definitely see it as my "home". For the future, I would say that more community involvement, of the kind that is beginning here, is the thing I would like to see most.

Posted by Euphro

4th Sep 2009, 15:35   | tags:,comments (18)

Moblog Phone Home

(viewed 1479 times)
I tested the posting from your mobile code when Moblog was simply a glint in Mat's eye and a community in Alfie's head. Mat, with the help of Afternoon, created a mobile uploads module to test this chunk of code on Hype ( and asked people to give it a go. I uploaded a picture of my goldfish. It worked.

That fish is dead now and I am on the Moblog Management Team. I knew that fish was lucky!

My new role is to lead the Site Admin Team made up of superstars Bethmadethis, Bronxelf, Nige & 540air with whom I co-ordinate the 30+ strong ultra committed moderation team. Our job is to fight spam, scare off trolls and look after and support all Moblog users, including site subscribers, editors and moderators. It's my particular job to steer the energies and efforts of over 30 incredibly bright volunteers of all ages, all of whom love this site and have hundreds of great ideas of how to make the site even better. You'd think that job would be easy-peasy, but the problem with bright people is that they think and act fast, spot problems earlier & want things resolved more quickly! At the moment, I'm just listening & learning and being thankful for their patience.

If you have some grandiose ideas for a project you want to run with on Moblog then feel free to get in touch and we'll see if we can make it work.

Can you say a little bit about yourself?
I met Afternoon & Mat on my first day at university because I was wearing the biggest flares on campus. I studied Literature & Philosophy and used to argue over Rousseau and philosophical insight in science fiction movies with Mat. I joined Hype after uni which pretty much set off a career on online, which I'm enjoying now, but in the end I was drawn to Moblog. I found text blogs difficult to keep up with and text is too difficult to misinterpret (leading to flame wars) – I kept getting into foul moods over stuff I had read. Conversely on Moblog I was having precisely the opposite online experience – ooh look someone has a new puppy!

How long have you had a moblog?
Five years and nine months at the time of writing. It's not a soapbox, nor a timeline and it's not a conventional blog or a diary. It's more like a tinder box one has hidden away with scrap photos and cuttings; little notes and momentos; embers of present moments. A kindness kept and some forgotten fragments.

What does Moblog mean to you?
Strangers connected by strangeness. Wanderers connected by wonders. Meaningful vagueness. Creative purpose. Collaborative bliss.

My own group moblogs have connected me to other moblogger's ways of seeing and the person behind the camera in the most meaningful way to me. Advent Calendar connects me to the wonder of the season – the greatest of all being how much thoughtfulness goes into every single post, every year. Microhappy connects me to other people's sense of the strange and the beautiful – which I revel in - i get proper butterflies in my stomach when a new short story post arrives from the mists.

This funny short story by Xalieri exemplifies the type of meaningful vagueness and creative purpose that Moblog gives me access to. There is something wonderfully psychotic about the photo - the persona imagines himself in some gruesome jungle skirmish looming over the enemy, all from a reflection in the French windows looking onto the garden. A glorious moment of madness juxtaposed against the trappings of domestic bliss!

What would you most like to happen to Moblog in the future?
I hope that more people call Moblog, 'home'. FilbertFox was the first to use this expression during the epic Going Forward debate and it stuck with me. Moblog is my home. It's the title of this post. It is where my heart is.

It's entirely incidental, simultaneous and entirely uncalculated but Moblog has already made a diverse but significant impact on many people's lives. It provides fertile ground for friendship, even romance, and manifold feelings in between. It seems to be a healthy place 'to be' for many people. So, with that in mind, I don’t want to name my ideal future for Moblog as my ideal outcome is the persistence of this strange organic luminous flow of highlights....

Zizek on Love, kind of sums up my current thinking on the matter. Moblogging as some kind of radical act of inspiration defying a world of processing and automation.

"There is nothing, basically, I mean it quite literally, but then how do things emerge? Here I feel a kind of spontaneous affinity with quantum physics where you know the idea out there is that the universe is a void, but a kind of positively charged void. And then, particular things appear when the balance of the void is disturbed. And I like this idea of spontaneity very much, the fact thats its all just nothing, things are out there, it means something went terribly wrong, that what we call creation is a kind of cosmic imbalance, cosmic catastrophe that things exist by mistake, and I'm even ready to go to the end and to claim that the only way to counteract this is to assume the mistake ,and go to the end and we have a name for this its called love. Isn't love precisely this kind of a cosmic balance? I was always disgusted with this notion of "I love the world, universal love", I don't like the world, I don't know, I basically, I'm somewhere in between "I hate the world" or "I'm indifferent towards it", but the whole of reality is just it, its stupid it is out there i don't care about it, love for me is an extremely violent act, love is not "I love you" at all. love means I pick out something, and its again this structure of imbalance. even if this something is just a small detail, a fragile individual person, I say I love you more than anything else. In this quite formal sense, love is evil!"

What kind of stuff are you likely to highlight on Moblog?
I dont necessarily know what a good photo is but I do know what makes me laugh or tickles my fancy. I tend to highlight random things I like and have never seen before.

As my background is in digital/online publishing I would say that I am a sucker for eyewitness news related stuff too - I'll always highlight that. Conventional news reports are sterile and the stories seem disconnected from the world they come from. Photos from people that are nearby experiencing events as they unfold (or even indirectly) speak a lot more to me.

Can you discuss some of your favourite images on moblog?
Favourite is probably the wrong word to describe the images below. I don't have a morbid curiosity in catastrophes but some of the pictures below really communicate the true impact of some national and global events in recent years.

The Buncefield fire was so huge that two different mobloggers snapped it.

The police car from the raid on Tiffany's the mayfair jeweller turned up outside a friend of mine's work. They sent me this pic - the damage to the car says more of the frightening and ultimately tragic chase than the newspapers could.

A 'dumb' tube timetable, sent to me by a friend, tells of the chaos following the events of 7/7.

Police and protesters grappling in Dublin, looks like a scene out of the japanese animated film, Akira.

I could only gawp at the TV at the time, but this picture of the aftermath of the Tsunami was must have information for me even months after the event.

My favourite post of all time is called Grape Warning. It's not just the funniest comment thread bar none. It's the ultimate deadpan post from image, text & title. Check it out to meet many of the funny characters on Moblog.

If you are interested, my favourite post on my own moblog is about my Grandad (flying a Tigermoth) whom i greatly admire.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I absolutely love that quotation from Zizek and just had to get it into my profile!

Posted by jc1000000

2nd Sep 2009, 20:44   comments (20)