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I'm a 23 year-old Nightclub Slave, soon to be promoted to Nightclub Bitch, where I will be forced into a suit and have to pretend I like people. I listen to depressing music to remind me how much worse my life could be. I eat takeaways most nights.

My aspiration in life is to find true love, and then roundhouse-kick it in the face for being the cause of so many shitty films, music and conversations. That and I want to have a beer named after me.


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Aye Aye Captain

(viewed 840 times)
Jealous of his ethnicity, Goode's lovely lady struck out and "stuck the
heid" on McGandhi. Unprovoked racial violence for teh win!!!!!
12th Oct 2006, 17:50   comments (6)

Food Poisoning for teh win

(viewed 748 times)
Yes, a rogue chicken pie recently destroyed my ability to pass solids. So after 4 days I eventually went to the G-Docs who sent me away with antibiotics and this little pack. The instructions on how to give a stool sample are surprisingly clear.
21st Aug 2006, 04:20   comments (3)


(viewed 779 times)
The Gold of the Incas! My new favourite beer!
26th May 2006, 18:41   comments (3)


(viewed 891 times)
26th May 2006, 15:57   comments (7)

Why don't people like...

(viewed 720 times) watching them while they're asleep?
17th Apr 2006, 18:41   comments (2)

Safety First

(viewed 679 times)
my good friend Dan Tan discovered this product display in a chinese
supermarket in Aberdeen. It made us laugh. There are more to follow when I'm
not so tired.
5th Mar 2006, 05:44   comments (1)

mair sna in scaberdeen

(viewed 700 times)
More snow fell tonight as I was working. It wasn't pleasant...
5th Mar 2006, 05:34   comments (4)

caution: wet floor

(viewed 664 times)
more than 2 months later than....
4th Mar 2006, 17:33   comments (0)