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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

This is where the band post photos of whatever takes their fancy that they think might be of interest to the wider public, from the mundane (backstage) to the spectacular (Archis' hair).

But they are not the only ones, as this Maximoblog is open to you!

Anyone who wants to send in a photo, whatever they feel relevant, we would love to see. The more the merrier, the more creative the better.

Get involved!

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morrissey last nite

(viewed 2581 times)
only decent pic i managed to get of il mozzalini last as because of the
amazingly harse security!!!!!

posted by anonymous

1st May 2006, 12:25   comments (55)

morrissey last nite

(viewed 3272 times)
bumped into duncan and paul last nite at the morrissey show at the
sage...enjoyed the chat boys but i hope you where more impressed by morrissey than we
were....very disappointing!!
( and NO im not pauls mam!!!!)

posted by anonymous

1st May 2006, 11:37   comments (118)


(viewed 2003 times)
I saw Battles rock Newcastle on Thursday night at the Blackfriars Centre. I even bought a canvas bag. It was loud and there were no vocals aside from the occasional beatbox and echoey scream. They were looping what they played and were tapping away at fretboards whilst bashing the keyboards at the same time. Incredible musicians from New York. I can't believe we're on the same label. God bless Warp! Taken by Paul

posted by maximo_band_pics

29th Apr 2006, 18:05   comments (16)

The Tanners

(viewed 2210 times)
Here are two pictures of the Maximo DJ set at The Tanners pub in Newcastle.
Free reign on the decks for the band, and their friend Jack, all night - and
still Tom couldn't tear himself away from the pool table. Good shot here of
Lukas looking REALLY serious. What a pro.

posted by maximo_band_pics

28th Apr 2006, 10:37   comments (26)

Extracurricular activities

Here are some of the things we've been up to when not writing songs together. First, the handsome Mr English in The Forth pub in Newcastle, then the classic bouncer in The Red Rooms, a place they used to call the Casino Club. At that time, we were regular visitors... Then we have a couple of fun pictures from Transmission in London where I played some records on Saturday, in the middle of the night. Apparently, Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam was singing in a pub 'round the corner. I had dreams of him wandering in and pulling some dancefloor moves to the likes of Clor, The Fall and The Pipettes. Paul

posted by maximo_band_pics

27th Apr 2006, 09:34   comments (35)

Maximo blog picture

(viewed 5734 times)
Alrite lads,
I am doing gcse art at the moment and had been listening to your album a lot at the time and was inspired by the video for "Going missing"
Anyhow, I did this for my mock art exam and got an A.
The slow mo fist impact thing was a really strong image so I thought I'd go from there.
Missed out on Brixton Accademy tickets by 10 seconds, dammit! Hope to raise funds to see one of your gigs soon.

posted by anonymous

24th Apr 2006, 15:50   comments (18)

Us and Brakes

(viewed 2620 times)
Me and Lukas just watched the fantastic Brakes at The Cluny in Newcastle. Here we are. They are off to a Travel Lodge. We are not. By Paul

posted by maximo_band_pics

20th Apr 2006, 23:54   comments (54)

Better still, make some music with Lukas

(viewed 2513 times)

posted by maximo_band_pics

20th Apr 2006, 15:52   comments (80)