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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

This is where the band post photos of whatever takes their fancy that they think might be of interest to the wider public, from the mundane (backstage) to the spectacular (Archis' hair).

But they are not the only ones, as this Maximoblog is open to you!

Anyone who wants to send in a photo, whatever they feel relevant, we would love to see. The more the merrier, the more creative the better.

Get involved!

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Middlesbrough 2/10/06 :)

Heya!Shona and Lynsey again. Saw the Park again in Middlesbrough on a spontaneous decision (why we didn't buy tickets to more shows in February we don't know!). Had the most wonderful, wonderful day. Thank you so much to you boys, you were amazing to us. Paul, thank you so much for the song dedication. Lynsey can't thank you enough - it was just wonderful. It meant so much to her. You truly made our night. And it was lovely chatting with you all afterwards. ("They had it coming!") Hahaha. We had plenty of tapes for the car Lukas ;). Thanks for the water too!We simply can't wait till next tour!Love Shona and Lynsey.xxxxxxxxxxx
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by anonymous
10th Oct 2006, 22:16   comments (1)

sheffield oct 4th

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great gig!!! vik
posted by anonymous
9th Oct 2006, 10:03   comments (4)

2,4,6,8 motorway....

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All points of the compass have been visited,Ive got a fuel bill the size of a 3rd world countrys debt & one of the 10,000 sweaty bodies has given me their cold.Just as well Maximo were bigger & better than ever.The sound was huge(Lee getting the hang of it,huh?),the performances immense& the new stuff is being well and truly played in.So thanks to Archis,Duncan,Lucas,Paul & Tom for making my travels worthwhile.Cheers to Lee & Neil,hello to Sam and Nat,Sav.

posted by anonymous

8th Oct 2006, 19:10   comments (9)

Brixton Academy Photo's

Few photo's from the fantastic gig at Brixton Academy on Fri night.
Big Thank you to Paul for taking the time to say 'Hi'more pics at:
/> )+44(0)7958-288-323
/> currently featured in grx xposed &


by anonymous
8th Oct 2006, 16:18   comments (26)


Just some more from the Glasgow show ^_^Shona xxx

posted by anonymous

7th Oct 2006, 01:24   comments (12)

Glasgow Show fun! 30/9/06

Heya!Went to see Maximo at Glasgow Academy last Saturday and can safely say I had a fantastic time both during the day, throughout the fantastic show and the wonderful after show party at the Barfly! Thank you guys for such a wonderful day - and especially to Lukas for being so good to me. I'm so glad you liked your present. It was truly lovely to speak with you. :)
And Paul - 'Mon The Boro! Haha.
Great times, guys.
Here are a selection of my photos.
I took better ones at Middlesbrough - they shall be posted soon! An equally amazing day ;)Thanks again!Shona xxx
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by anonymous
7th Oct 2006, 01:20   comments (3)


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Took this pic at Sheffield. Kaiser Ted is wanted apparently!
Great show lads.
SaRah x

posted by NoAVOnTheTV

6th Oct 2006, 16:57   comments (10)

Aftershow Party

(viewed 2053 times)

posted by anonymous

4th Oct 2006, 23:54   comments (21)