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Hi. Will try to update this as often as possible so you can follow our very ordinary lives. Check back for pictures and videos of what we've been getting up to!

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Snuggling up

(viewed 652 times)
The boys enjoy watching Balamory from under the covers.
22nd Apr 2006, 08:29   comments (0)

Eggy Books

(viewed 835 times)
This would be a better if it was smelloblog. It's been two weeks since the start of the Easter holidays; on the last day of term, Joe took a painted egg into school. What we didn't realise is that he also brought it home in his book bag. Cracked. We thought there was a funny smell coming from the cupboard under the stairs.
21st Apr 2006, 14:12   comments (1)

Big tongues

(viewed 3883 times)
It looks like Joe has inherited his Dad's rather large tongue. Still, it should provide him with years of amusement demonstrating how he can get his tongue up his own nose. I don't have many talents.
20th Apr 2006, 08:35   comments (0)

Tents inside

(viewed 700 times)
There's something about making your own tent and getting inside it that
children love. Joe was 'bored' with his Playstation today and so had twice
as much fun playing with Tobey under a piece of material. Meanwhile I sat on
the computer playing with blogs and video; active parenting. Now the boys
have gone to bed, I can get my tent out...
17th Apr 2006, 20:54   comments (0)

Tobey Plays Green Day

(viewed 544 times)
Tobey is slightly obsessed with Green Day at the moment, so much so that the
guitar in this clip is now actually in two pieces after he snapped the neck
off in true 'rock n roll' style at the end of the song. I don't let him
touch my guitars, ever. We are also starting potty training with Tobey.
Sarah wanted to do it in the holiday whilst I would be around to help clear
up the carnage. Great.
17th Apr 2006, 08:30   comments (0)

First Post

(viewed 441 times)
Testing this new Mobile Blog on Easter Sunday!
16th Apr 2006, 10:20   comments (0)