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Hello and welcome to my blogging page. Here is a bit of my life and the things I have to do and the things I cant help but do!!
All of the photos on here are taken with my Nokia N90. Saving for the N95 mmmmm yummy!

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St Agnes Lifeboat Day 2001

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Sorting through some old backup CDs and found some photos of my days in St
Agnes (Cornwall) Lifeboat crew. Good fun if a little scary sometimes.
28th May 2007, 10:52   comments (1)

St Agnes RNLI me on the far right

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28th May 2007, 10:44   comments (0)

Four Burrows Aldbourne

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30th Apr 2007, 18:43   comments (0)

Olly is our Beagle

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Olly is 3 years old and the softest dog in the world, he has never once growled or barked in anger. As a bonus he doest lick either. If fact he doesnt do much at all, sleeps, sunbaths, cuddles thats about it. He is great!
30th Apr 2007, 18:43   comments (1)

fatty needs a rest

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11th Apr 2007, 13:42   comments (3)

Prancing Moose

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9th Apr 2007, 16:03   comments (0)

St Michael's Aldbourne 3pm today

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1st Mar 2007, 15:50   comments (0)

Homemade Happy Meal

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We made homemade Happy Meals Today. Our nearest MDs is a 25 mile trip and at least I know whats in these. As you can see Sam is much better after being sick for 6 days.
24th Feb 2007, 16:05   comments (0)
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