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This is fun isnt it?

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen - RAAARRR
where was the guitarman? anyone know?
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Angry Bus Driver

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In Hong Kong, you are not supposed to put paper money
in the money tray wehen you get on the bus to pay, and
somebody did.This not at the bus stop in Sai Kung is from the angry
bus driver made to unjam his money machine, saying
that he knows who he is, and he is waiting for the
next time he gets on the bus so he can get him! lol
10th Oct 2006, 10:24   comments (2)

Mountains of Ho Chung

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Some of you may notice the dodgy rushed photoshop-ness
of this image, but i had to make the best of the 2 photos!
10th Oct 2006, 10:20   comments (0)


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When I die, I want to go here......


can go here tomorrow on the 92 bus to Diamond Hill Shopping Centre!

I Love Hong Kong!!!
9th Oct 2006, 15:44   comments (6)

Sai Kung!

Went into Sai Kung to have a look around, its a life eh!The obligatory sit on the rocks, gives a great view of the sea!

You'll notice the gundam shop has been replaced with some sort of lifestyle furniture shop, I was distraught!!!!!

The vcd shop is still there though, what a relief, and there is a new movie out called Dragon Tiger Gate, which looks ace so Im going to get a few VCD's of that
7th Oct 2006, 05:36   comments (6)

arrived 2

The mountains in Ho Chung are beautiful, Im sure youll agree,

I dont think I've ever seen the Che Kung temple empty,I've only really been during New Year, its quite bizarre, but refreshing!

Ho Chung village! Always a good excuse for a great big sign over the entrance, and moon festival is no exception, though apparently its a very low key affair. Low key, the chinese? you heard right

Big bad boy Ah Bong has a baby! She is very cute, and can alrready manage to call me Martin Go Goh

On the way to dinner in a van! w00t!
7th Oct 2006, 05:34   comments (2)

arrived 1

Arrived in HK!

View from the car as we drive to Ho Chung I felt much better when we got into Kowloo, the familier hustle and bustle and busy streets was some kind of comfort from the terrible plane journey, not sure why!

Dad and Fei ho, trying to look cool I guess, and Uncle Cheung, just looking like he does regardless!

The terrible twins, Dai Lo and Sai Lo (they are not babies anymore hence no longer being called Dai Bi etc)

They are cute, and Dai Lo is a scout leader lol
7th Oct 2006, 05:29   comments (3)

on the way to HK!

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Off we go!its not that far away really!

I spotted the first annoyance, the damn food tray clashes with my arm

obviously a well desiged plane, I resigned to eating off my lap!
5th Oct 2006, 14:16   comments (6)


The woman in the second pick get grabbing my boobs,
and I dont even know who she was!
23rd Sep 2006, 16:19   comments (2)