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This is fun isnt it?

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen - RAAARRR
where was the guitarman? anyone know?
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Now thats what you call a jostick

(viewed 713 times)
forget your lame jasmine scented josticks for making
your room smell nice, if you want the favour of the
gods, you had better use these babies!
25th Feb 2007, 22:22   comments (4)

Rox's Graduation

A while ago now, but an update is neededit was a bit windy that day! A nice one of the 3
generations at the end
25th Feb 2007, 22:14   comments (4)

Kung Fu Orange

18th Jan 2007, 21:46   comments (14)

Kung Fu Blue

(viewed 722 times)
Interesting to see the contrast in colour between our
two training venues, which I never noticed before.
18th Jan 2007, 21:45   comments (12)

mmmm Nikon D1X

Seems like working in the media department at Leeds Met has finally paid off!

I asked the uni pictographer if he could come along to some of our sessions and take some snaps. He said he was busy, but I could borrow his old D1X, to use myself!

Awesome camera, cue random learning pictures.

btw, there is absolutely NO LAG on this camera its awesome, well if there is its so small enough to be insignificant.
18th Jan 2007, 20:55   comments (4)

Wiii !!! pt2

9 hours later we got our wii's!Awesome times, and I can report that it is truly amazing.

Wii sports tennis rules, its so responsive and it picks up everything from lobs, smashes and slices, and the Mii's are really funny.

Got to bed this morning about 3am, me and rox were playing wii sports for ages, its so good!

Im off to play zelda! whooopeee!

Wiii !!! pt1

Me and Adam got a tip off that Asda in pudsey were gettin 10 Wii's!

After our recent dissapointment of being too far down the pre order list at gamestation to get one on launch, we flew down to asda.

They werent too happy at work when I just left, but meh its Wii!

We got there at 2 and 3pm respectively and the queue filled up pretty quick, loads of people got turned away.

The guy was well cool he even let us touch the games and stuff well before 12!

Random 2

Some more
2nd Dec 2006, 18:11   comments (2)