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This is fun isnt it?

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen - RAAARRR
where was the guitarman? anyone know?
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About to make a smoothie, found some kind of horrible
spider nest thing on my banana, and the worst thing is
it seems to have hatched!!!!!11!!


Its going to breed with the house spiders and create a
horrible new spider. Somebody get my my nailgun and parrafin!
2nd Jul 2007, 23:40   comments (12)

Royal Armouries

Fun at the armouries never been there in all my 5
years in leeds. Its quite good and free! Lots of
armour and things and a probably the best childrens
weaponry shop I've ever pillaged
19th Jun 2007, 23:14   comments (12)

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen

2nd Jun 2007, 21:06   comments (5)


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On a wall
2nd Jun 2007, 20:32   comments (2)


(viewed 1127 times)
With a gun. Gerroorf moi laarnd!
2nd Jun 2007, 20:32   comments (5)

New strings

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Got some ernie ball earthwoods for my guitar, and I
must say they sound fantastic. Really deep and rich
and, well earthy!I love buying new strings for my guitr, I never buy
the same set twice I love the suprise of what the new
sound will be like
21st Apr 2007, 16:25   comments (0)

New Age Steve

(viewed 1149 times)
Back when he was a temporary new age christian
17th Apr 2007, 22:01   comments (6)

Yam cha with Sifu

(viewed 1183 times)
After our gradings. Go meat and prawn steamed dumplings!
17th Apr 2007, 21:52   comments (1)
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