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PosLaju or PosSengal??

(viewed 1169 times)
Lately im havin sum prob wif poslaju.. maybe its just sheer bad luck or their services is getting much worse by the day..

Case 1 :
Few months ago ordered a audio cable converter and was supposed to shipped to me using our Pos Malaysia's service. Waited one week. No delivery was done. Check wif seller and oso the post office, apparently the item was already sent! WTF! Luckily, the seller was good enuff to sent a new one to me and asked me to send back the other extra unit if it'll ever reach me somehow..

Case 2 :
Bought a headset from a forumer, he posted on thursday and gav me the tracking no. Waited friday, but no delivery. Its okie, maybe Pos"Laju" takes 2 days if from melaka. Waited the whole Monday, still no delivery. Tried the online status tracker but as expected the system sark. cant be use at all. On Tuesday, already impatient and got the seller to checked it for me. Later was told that the item had arrived in Sri Damansara. Wednesday morning, went to the post office to collect it myself. They asked so many questions as if i wanna claim sumtin thats not mine. Even asked a few times if it really was sent on thursday coz they cant find it by thier SO USEFUL tracking number. Finally half hour later found it, and gave me lame excuse
that they "had" tried to sent it on Monday but apparently nobody at home.. Yeah Right!

Case 3:
Bought another stuff lastweek, as usual, got the tracking no and waited for delivery... But as expected, still no signs of it yet..

So, PosLaju? or PosScammer? PosMyA$$? hahhaaha.. wut ever it is... U bet i wont be using this service anymore...!!
25th Jun 2006, 17:42   comments (24)

The always bz Kuala Lumpur

(viewed 501 times)
19th Jun 2006, 17:14   comments (6)

World Cup on Big Screen

(viewed 535 times)
Had the opportunity to watch world cup in a hall with 3 huge screens. There
were free refreshments given but unfortunately no snacks, not even peanuts..There were also brief live commentaries from the host and the guest of
honor for da nite. but the host definitely suck!
16th Jun 2006, 05:19   comments (4)

Hardworking Ant

(viewed 514 times)
Was experimenting with my phone's macro mode and its auto-focus. The latter
was found to be quite useful especially taking this kind of shot, coz the
ant just cant stop moving. But the macro mode was not up to my expectation
though. Perhaps i cant demand too much from a phone-cam..
16th Jun 2006, 04:45   comments (8)

Wachamallit Band - Dedicated to Azrehot, gig lover

(viewed 549 times)
I didnt notice if Save Ferris performed, but these guys certainly did!!
15th Jun 2006, 06:05   comments (14)

I forgot about the Ferris Wheel!!

(viewed 644 times)
OMG, how did i missed it! Hmm.. maybe next time though..
14th Jun 2006, 15:55   comments (9)

The Swinger

(viewed 552 times)
One of the fun rides in Genting outdoor theme park
14th Jun 2006, 15:52   comments (8)

Purple colored Flower

(viewed 438 times)
Anybody knows the name? :)
14th Jun 2006, 15:37   comments (5)