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(viewed 653 times)
Having another Nothing Better To Do days again..
30th Jun 2006, 03:52   comments (6)


(viewed 644 times)
The company should pay me for free advert.. lol!

Nikmat? Yeahh!!

PS: yes, i know i've post similar thing b4 sumwhere... ahaha
29th Jun 2006, 11:22   comments (6)

Going Up?

(viewed 551 times)
29th Jun 2006, 05:00   comments (12)

Lunch is served

(viewed 777 times)
Tgk gamba rehot makan begedil.. tetibe rasa nak makan gak..
28th Jun 2006, 18:28   comments (19)

Me Nuts...

(viewed 584 times)
Nuts @ Kacangs.. sedap dimakan begitu sajaa..especially tgh2 malam sambil layan DVD..
27th Jun 2006, 07:41   comments (7)

Woohoo! 1GB Sony MSPD..!!!

(viewed 607 times)
Finally, received the new card for my HP..
Now lets start fillin all those MP3s shall we?

PS: The new card is the brown colored.. :p
27th Jun 2006, 07:36   comments (4)

Gundams drains your Funds

(viewed 1646 times)
Its MG 1/100 for both Freedom (white/blue) and Zeta Plus A1 (white/orange).
Each took me whole lot hours and patience to complete..Now....hav ta think of a place to keep it..
26th Jun 2006, 10:09   comments (10)

Its no longer a choo choo transporter..

(viewed 516 times)
Time flies so fast, i hardly sense the changes that go through in life..
I guess younger generation nowadays wont even know it,
why would some old folks would comes up wif the choo choo train
kind of phrase when all that they can see nowadays are just diesel or
electric powered trains..
25th Jun 2006, 17:53   comments (20)