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It's always the little things that hold me back.
Things like not being able to find the blue-tack;
rushing to get to the door, and not being able to find a shoe;
getting so caught up in my emotions that I can no longer see the wood from the trees.
I can't do everything, that's true, but it's no excuse to stop trying.

Moblog is very slow. Wordpress is amazing.

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Predators 1

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Some more research for my masking project :)
12th Mar 2011, 12:05   | tags:,,,comments (3)

The Squirrel and The Pinecone

More developmental work for my mask project :)


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6th Mar 2011, 13:59   comments (3)

Bird mask

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This is some more experimentation for my FMP. I need to improve on my pixel mark-making, but it's SO annoying.
I did another version, but I'm uploading this for now :)
26th Feb 2011, 16:20   | tags:,,comments (0)


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So, I was thinking about things to make necklaces out of... Merely out of a combination between procrastination and boredom. Buttons (whilst I love them) have been 'done' a bit too much, so I decided upon pennies instead. After burning myself a few times, and getting very frustrated, this is the result. Not great, by any means (I only realised that beads inbetween the pennies would be a good idea after I'd soldered the first couple down, so there is bare wire between them), but it's a first try.
(this is a self portrait, which I'm not good at, so that's why the composition's a wee bit wonky).
26th Feb 2011, 14:24   | tags:,,comments (0)


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I was bored, so I decided to play around with some tulips and lighting :)
25th Feb 2011, 13:57   | tags:,,,comments (0)

A pinecone in disguise.

This is also experimentation for my FMP.
What if pinecones needed to disguise themselves in order not to be eaten; to survive in a harsh world full of vicious squirrels? I'm thinking of masks more in the sense of consealing one's identity.

Wall posts

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A friend and I have started posting pictures on each other's walls (irl).
I hope I'm improving my line crafting >_
21st Feb 2011, 00:43   | tags:comments (0)