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It's always the little things that hold me back.
Things like not being able to find the blue-tack;
rushing to get to the door, and not being able to find a shoe;
getting so caught up in my emotions that I can no longer see the wood from the trees.
I can't do everything, that's true, but it's no excuse to stop trying.

Moblog is very slow. Wordpress is amazing.

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So I'm still trying with the whole mulilation theme

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But this is a head that I have so far.
The whole thing still has a long way to go in a very short space of time... but I'll get there.
25th Apr 2011, 19:50   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

So I finally got a heart.

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For reference for my FMP, of course.

Getting through my book

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So basically, I'm testing pages at the moment, I recon the tree background looks a bit better... maybe...
20th Apr 2011, 14:19   | tags:,,,,,comments (0)


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Another missing poster
19th Apr 2011, 13:57   | tags:,comments (0)


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Procrastination...without a tablet. Give me a break >.<
and yeah, I also suck at lighting. Sue me.

Laisum asked me to draw her as a cat with a blue bob.
I am doing a missing cat for my project, so I guess...
19th Apr 2011, 13:24   | tags:,,,,,comments (0)


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Another development idea for hide and seek.
Just a quick thing
18th Apr 2011, 13:56   | tags:,comments (0)

Digitally coloured hide and seek

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So, I decided to review my developmental work, and (seeing as Gouache didn't work), had a go colouring it digitally.
The major down... Tablet's bust (/ doesn't work on my mac. I'm getting a new one for my birthday (which isn't until July)) but until then, colouring it slowly (mostly with Lasoo)
So... yeah.
15th Apr 2011, 18:32   | tags:,,comments (0)

So we went to Storthes Hall

An old mental asylum in Huddersfield. Most of it's been turned into student accommodation, but there's one part left as it was when it closed in 1991 (scary how late that was, eh? A year before I entered this world.) Anyway, ahem. Due to several arson attempts, and a lot of graffiti, the place is now guarded by an old man (who used to work there 30 years ago!) and his Alsatian, who's bark literally is worse than his bite (after barking, he brought me his squeeky chicken toy, and wanted to play fetch).

So unfortunately, I was not allowed inside (health and safety is a bitch.) But the man let me take photographs of the outside :) which was nice.
15th Apr 2011, 12:11   | tags:,,comments (0)