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It's always the little things that hold me back.
Things like not being able to find the blue-tack;
rushing to get to the door, and not being able to find a shoe;
getting so caught up in my emotions that I can no longer see the wood from the trees.
I can't do everything, that's true, but it's no excuse to stop trying.

Moblog is very slow. Wordpress is amazing.

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There are too many things expected of an otter today

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Apparently I deleted this yesterday.
But yeah, random boredom.
16th Jul 2011, 16:10   | tags:,,comments (0)

Broken wing

(viewed 1593 times)
:( another butterfly with a broken wing.
My sister saved it from our cat.
15th Jul 2011, 12:38   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

Bored bingo bored.

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Still bored xD so I drew my friend's cat. Ahem.

Rainy days

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A bit messy, but feh.
I am sososososo bored.

Decided to do some cropping of an old photo

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Cos I was bored, and all that. I think this might look better.
8th Jul 2011, 21:09   | tags:,,,comments (1)

Finally got round to booking time off work

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So that I can go and visit my father in Richmond later this month.
I'm guessing it would be wishful thinking to hope to get my step sisters to pose for me. Bribing didn't go too well last time...

More life drawing

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and stuff.

More late night procrastination.

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I should probably go to bed some time.
29th Jun 2011, 00:44   | tags:,,comments (0)