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A blog for owners of Apple Macintosh's to share their love of the computer and all things Apple.. including iPods.

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I love teh Apple

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1. My beloved iPods, 60GB 5th Gen, 4GB nano 1st Gen

2. My beloved MacBook, sadly suffering from the dreaded Random Shutdown Syndrome. Kicking ass with 2GB RAM.

3. My MacBook's guts (I do not recommend taking a MacBook to bits, it's very easy to screw the optical drive...)

Posted by pahtlor

19th Oct 2006, 15:41   comments (2)


(viewed 1711 times)
I've had this a very long time.

posted by alexis

31st May 2005, 22:02   comments (3)

iMac G5 Guts

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I spent a chunk of New Year's Eve replacing the faulty midplane board
in my new-ish iMac G5, Tranquility. The midplane is
the entire logic board, processor fan and speaker assembly, and
swopping it requires the removal of the optical and hard drives, ram
chips, display inverter, power supply, airport card and fan cover - a
fairly big job.

Here are some exciting snapshots to accompany my commentary:

1: Back case off, optical drive and fan cover removed.
2: The removed midplane, striped of removable components.
3: The removed parts.
4: Inside the empty casing, the silvered back of the TFT display.

posted by neel

2nd Jan 2005, 22:56   comments (4)

The Original

(viewed 1590 times)
Snapped this at the Smithsonian in DC last year.

posted by moblogbrain

30th Dec 2004, 02:13   comments (3)

Buggered Midplane

(viewed 1456 times)
Boo. Five to seven 'working days'? My ass.

posted by neel

29th Dec 2004, 19:44   comments (1)

If Carlsberg made Apple Mice...

(viewed 5048 times)
Probably the most expensive mouse in the world.

posted by floyd
15th Dec 2004, 16:08   comments (4)


Two years of progress, and now they are in colour. I hear there's a flash based one coming soon. I still don't like the white headphones, mind...

posted by crickson

21st Nov 2004, 17:25   comments (1)

Some more Apples from the family

posted by Helen

21st Nov 2004, 01:46   comments (0)
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