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Something I've Always Wondered, Too

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Granted, in South America during the reign of the Olmecs, Aztecs, and Inca, the domesticated dog was the largest source of protein in their diet.

I wonder if they used cows to herd dogs?
10th Feb 2008, 16:38   comments (0)

That Skinny Kid (1:30)

(viewed 546 times)
Of note: we had a break right in the middle of this one, so if bits of him are off, it's because...well...they are.

7th Feb 2008, 23:10   comments (3)

Tiny Hamsters From the Sky

(viewed 660 times)
My favorite from a series of pieces put up outside my drawing class. From what we could fathom, the rule was that it all had to be cut from a single sheet of paper.
7th Feb 2008, 20:23   comments (0)

A Very Tiny Bit of My School's Library

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7th Feb 2008, 19:09   comments (1)

When Leisure Goes to Far

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2nd Feb 2008, 19:37   comments (0)

Tarish is Proof That Elves Exist

(viewed 973 times)
So wee! So very wee!
2nd Feb 2008, 18:14   comments (0)


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1st Feb 2008, 17:05   comments (0)

(I Think Her Name is) Holly (1 Hour)

(viewed 471 times)
Of note: this is on a gigantamatastic piece of paper, and this only shows about one-fifth of the drawing.

Also of note: I apparently pouted like a little kid when our hour was up. I'd half forgotten how much I like drawing.

Of awesome note: My professor's one critique was that the hand that you can't see was "a little small". Huzzah!
31st Jan 2008, 23:18   comments (0)