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I'm a tarot reader and hobby astrologer just about all the time I'm not grooming dogs. I've been reading for about ten years now and have a lovely website created for me by my talented web designing, show producing and ever charming Irish man. We're doing live tarot chats these days which include free one card readings for all viewers and free flowing question and answer sessions. We've also set up a forum as well as a blog on the site. Come by and check us out.

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Arabia Mountain

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John and Kevin on Arabia Mountain
1st Sep 2007, 23:28   comments (0)

Arabia Mountain

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John, Kevin, Em and Foxy on Arabia Mountain
1st Sep 2007, 23:19   comments (0)


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One of my favorite times of any day is when John picks up his guitar.
1st Sep 2007, 21:46   comments (0)


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We did fun things too!

1st Sep 2007, 02:08   comments (0)


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The power of cute compels you.
1st Sep 2007, 01:27   comments (1)

Bubble bubble

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Simmering the herbs from the accupunturist.
29th Aug 2007, 19:24   | tags:comments (0)

Twigs and bark

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I'm really excited about using these herbs that the accupuncturist sent home with me. They smell really awful so I know they'll be good for me.
29th Aug 2007, 19:17   | tags:comments (1)


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29th Aug 2007, 16:51   comments (1)