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Welcome to Little Man Tate's Mobile Blog or 'Moblog' as they say in the trade.

From here you can post pictures of anything you feel is Tate-related from your mobile or from your computer. Live pics, pictures of you with band, anything really - as long as its related to Little Man Tate.

Once your pics are up you can rate and comment on them. We'll also be introducing a 'Top Rated Images' section with some nice prizes for the best pics.

How to post pics

From E-Mail:

Send an email to with your picture as an attachment. You can send multiple images in the same e-mail up to 3mb, as well as text that will appear alongside the image.

From Mobile:

Send an MMS to"> - you can also add text to your message when sending from your mobile.*

*Posting from a mobile has no cost aside from your network's standard data charges. Please check your network tariff for more information.

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sexy in latin

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high storrs girls changing room...lol_________________________________________________________________
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velvet music, dordrecht, holland

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Guess the head

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+Guess the head
31st Jan 2007, 13:59   comments (0)


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Hi hope you remember us when we come to

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25th Jan 2007, 19:19   comments (0)