The Old Post House

by linzirich

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In March 2006 Dave & Linzi Rich bought this dilapidated old post house. Here's a record of the progress and it's highs and lows.



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Open Air Bathrooms

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Let no wall be left standing.

Here you can see the stud walls which gave the bathrooms privacy, have been removed... who'd want to pee in there anyway, or show or not!

Down With Walls Too!

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Three bedrooms into one.

Down With Ceilings!

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The ceilings were really more of an idea of a partition, rather than a real, solid, earthly fabrication.

Here they lie, limp.

And very dusty.
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Men At Work!

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Dave and his drummer get kitted up for some ancient dust and debris.
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Before Starting Work - Bedrooms 1 & 2

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Your bedroom, your sanctuary.Bedroom 3 was too small to be worth photographing.
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Before Starting Work - Bathroom

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Imagine soaking in this tub???
No, me either.

Before Starting Work - Living Room & Dining Room

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Here it is, untouched.
I can't describe just how bad damp can smell.
It feels like an old pub with tobacco stained walls.
Can't wait to start!
Dave and his drummer get ready to rip down some walls!!!

The Old Post House

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06 April 2006

Here is the house before starting work.
We completed on St Patrick's Day, and today we're ready to prepare the place as much as possible for when the builder can start work.
Viewing this house happened completely out of the blue, and quite by chance.
I was so excited with its potential to be our dream house. It was a relief when Dave saw it too :)
There's a lot to be done, it's almost like rebuilding the whole house.
Hopefully I will be able to document all the hard work here.

L x
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