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First Bath

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Oh dear!!

"Help!! Mum and Dad are doing terrible bath type things to me!!! Nooooo!!!"

He has since come to actually enjoy his baths.
23rd Dec 2008, 07:36   | tags:comments (0)


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Uh, cue more crying with joy from this new mum.

So damn GORGEOUS!!

But yeh, I know I am biased...
23rd Dec 2008, 07:35   | tags:comments (0)

Three Day Old Man

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Oh god...I am a classic new mum.

I have had many teary moments looking down at this lovely little man.
23rd Dec 2008, 07:33   | tags:comments (3)

First Night at Home

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As is typical of the public hospital system, the post natal ward was short of beds. We got sent home 2 days early, but we were absolutely over the moon to be going home!!

As soon as we got home, Harry become a much more settled little boy.

And his Dad was also much more relaxed. Its much better to be at home than in a noisy hospital with so many crying babies...
23rd Dec 2008, 07:31   | tags:comments (0)

Welcome to our Harry!

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Image One: Nice, smiley Mum and child.

Image two: the more traditional shot of Mum that has just given birth and looks really puffy and tired. I was sooooo high on morphine after and emergency caesarian.

Harry weighed 9lb 3oz and has quite a lot of hair.
23rd Dec 2008, 07:25   | tags:comments (10)

Rain on the Roofkids

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So Stan gave them flouro wet weather gear!

And the rainbow, with gorgeous roofkids - spectacular!
15th Dec 2008, 08:59   | tags:comments (1)

Stan Discovering Roofkids

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"Geez!! Roofkids!!!"
15th Dec 2008, 08:58   | tags:comments (2)


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Kids and a sense of adventure will get you onto the roof of the shed!! After all, its Rock n Roll Sunday and it is every Sunday until after Australia Day (26th Jan).

Gorgeous ghostettes!!
15th Dec 2008, 08:57   | tags:comments (0)