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Just exploring this moblog thing. Mechanics. Desireables. Feasabilities. Fun-ness. Therapy. Art.

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Ted is One!

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Surrounded by presents and backed up by Rani.
9th Apr 2007, 02:27   | tags:comments (0)

Train to Work 3

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Fog on the water, Hexam Swamp ( as it was known before 'wetlands' became the 'term de rigeur').
5th Apr 2007, 12:23   | tags:,,comments (0)

Train to Work 2

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I ride the train to work, going through the Hexam Wetlands. This morning was very foggy.
5th Apr 2007, 12:21   | tags:,,comments (0)

Train to Work 1

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The train ride to work was a real treat,
5th Apr 2007, 12:19   | tags:,,comments (0)


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MY name is Kylie. Thank you very much, cash register computer.
1st Apr 2007, 08:38   | tags:comments (0)

That'll teach her!

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Barbie, the once perfect princess, in the gutter.
1st Apr 2007, 08:38   | tags:comments (10)

Poor Mum!

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Mum plays on the team, too. She kicks ass, and saved some goals in the goalie position.

But she's tuckered out...
1st Apr 2007, 08:35   | tags:comments (0)


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Or, football as you europeans call it...

I'm a bit unfit! You can just catch a glimpse of my very swish boots.

31st Mar 2007, 23:23   | tags:comments (0)