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New Sleepwear - Spring 08

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Stan loves his new cotton PJs and old man slippers. Obviously.
20th Sep 2008, 09:38   | tags:comments (0)

Kinga Sept08

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I suspect not dissimilar to other Kinga photos in my moblog.

But it had been in the garage all winter and this was its first outing in quite some time.
20th Sep 2008, 09:37   | tags:comments (0)

Man and Commodore

(viewed 1065 times)
After the car washing....proud of one's work.
20th Sep 2008, 09:36   | tags:,comments (1)

What Aussie Blokes Do On The Hottest Day of The Year

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They wash maybe, just maybe, have a bit of a dance to the radio.

Knuckles deep.....involved!

20th Sep 2008, 09:35   | tags:,comments (0)

Baby Shower Craziness

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Stan and I were truly overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends.
- dunlop vollies that are TIIINY - from Elise. Stan already had a matching dadda pair!
- gorgeous ugg boots from Fiona. Again, stan already had his uggs, so he can match the little bubba!
- Mel makes the most lovely baby shower gifts!
- the much stuff!
Thank you everyone!
12th Sep 2008, 09:08   | tags:comments (2)

We're Baaaack

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Stan gives the thumbs up to the following things:
- the fact he is playing his Xbox 360
- the fact we got a brand new digital camera
- the fact that we can post to Moblog again, after 4 months away
12th Sep 2008, 08:44   | tags:comments (0)

In My Belly Lies this Bubba

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I am 13 weeks along and here are the first pictures.


I had a bit of morning sickness, but it seems to have passed.
I get pretty tired in the afternoons, but then I am OK at night.
I need to pee ALL THE TIME.
I really like eating food. In the past, I have not really been interested in food. I am liking this.
The 'boob fairy' has arrived, that's for sure!
I am not really 'showing' yet, but my waist has all but disappeared as my body shape changes.
1st Jun 2008, 10:35   | tags:,comments (9)

Autumn in Australia

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Walking through Jesmond park, in autumn.

Native Australian trees don't drop their leaves in autumn. Nor do they turn yellow/orange/red.

But luckily, our English forefathers planted lots of English, autumnal trees to remind them of home. And for me to enjoy their changing colours.
1st Jun 2008, 10:30   | tags:comments (0)