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Just exploring this moblog thing. Mechanics. Desireables. Feasabilities. Fun-ness. Therapy. Art.

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Fun with masks and light

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Me n my gals went inside the house for awhile....

Later, I found these photos on the camera. Obviously, when you leave the kids alone, they get up to strange stuff.

Nancy, Stan and Drew wonder how the welding masks blocks out light...and they played for ages...
18th Oct 2008, 11:03   | tags:comments (0)

We love to pose!!

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Nancy took these great photos.

The red one is pretty cool.

Bitchcraft = lady dorks
18th Oct 2008, 10:56   | tags:,comments (0)

Bitchcraft BBQ

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Its been ages since we have all been together...a month or two. Since I am preggers, we can't jam or play.

WE had missed eachother so much!!

I love Simi's expressions in these photos...and Nodda's...and Janice's...awww, heck, I love 'em all!!
18th Oct 2008, 10:53   | tags:,comments (0)

Smoker taken by a Smoker

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Nancy was smoking when she took this photo of Janice smoking.

18th Oct 2008, 10:50   | tags:,comments (0)

Janice's Chicken Kebab Sandwich

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Nice method for holding the hot kebab! Smart lady, that Janice.
18th Oct 2008, 10:48   | tags:,comments (0)

Impromptu BBQ

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Nancy called me at 3pm, Friday arvo. I was still at work. There was to be a BBQ at my place that evening I was informed.

I was so exited, I love having BBQs at my gaff.

Here, Simi, Drew and Zak enjoy some conversation.
18th Oct 2008, 10:44   | tags:comments (0)

Brave Woman

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I am a brave woman posting this...but it shows how big I really am!

As he took this photo, Stan was saying "Which is bigger, the boat or the girl??" Very funny...
18th Oct 2008, 10:02   | tags:,comments (0)

I See a Ship in the Harbour

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For the maritime festival, the Endeavour was in the harbour.

The Endeavour is the ship Captain Cook was sailing in when he discovered Australia.

Stan took these photos - the sunset one is cool!
18th Oct 2008, 09:53   | tags:comments (0)