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Seven out of seven people said

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..... it's bright!

looking rather dazzled.

After (orange) and before (diluted mushroom) in my living room.
A good weekend well spent!
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Wandering round Brotherton Park

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That was last Thursday, a nice, mildly sunny day, testing my new
camera. I hadn't been there for many years, and it's better now than it was then I think. Though I did go at night to see the bats, mostly.

No, it's not real mist... I was wandering with my friend Simon (same as below), who had a cigar moment in one of his favourite places. But it does look the part!

Ok, back to serious stuff!

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Back home. My new second-hand camera has arrived, and here are the
first test pictures I took, in my friend Simon's English exotic garden.
I think I'll be very happy with it... !!!! :-)))

End of the boating trip

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And of the holiday. Not a good day for sailing - no wind at all! But great for an outing in the sun.
21st Oct 2007, 16:04   | tags:,,comments (2)

Average Swiss interior

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Most people live in rented flats. The flats are decorated to last, and
expected to last many years. Tenants are not allowed, for the most, to
do any decorating themselves. They put a request in, and if the agency
decides that the work is needed (on grounds of age and wear and tear,
never of individual taste), the work will be done in strictly neutral
colours, to avoid any clashes of personal taste between successive
tenants. Sometimes tenants stay for over 20 years, but rules are
adhered to. It's not uncommon for the decoration to last in excess of
30 years.

Woodwork is always pearl grey, and ceilings off-white. The wall papers
are to be chosen out of a book pre-selected by the agency. No big
flowers, or bright colours! Plastic protections are fitted on doors,
and doors are made very precisely, usually closing to the millimetre
(unless years of central heating warped them slightly). Windows are
fitted with standard curtain rails.

The central heating is turned on and off, and temperature set, for the
whole block. No individual control is possible beyond opening or
closing radiator valves.

It's usually ok to put a few nails in through the wall paper to hang
pictures, but the holes musn't show when you leave. Nor must there be
any blutac stains. Scratches and stains on all surfaces are recorded
officially at each change of tenants, in a solemn ceremony called 'etat
des lieus', the pemises' condition inspection.

No messing!

Regarless, individual taste often comes out in the careful choice of
furniture, rugs, accessories and artefacts. Ikea is only one of the
giants there, there's a lot more choice than in the UK.
21st Oct 2007, 15:52   | tags:,comments (3)

More of Lausanne

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A house next to the new metro, and the new metro, not yet in service. They've planted a lot of ivy and vine to climb all over the concrete, so the two should blend in!
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Wonder what the story is....

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