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Leaving Tamil Nadu

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Chennai train station, 13 May 8pm (ish)
20th May 2008, 15:39   comments (0)

Fun pics of the week

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A jack fruit tree, a tea stall detail, and a hut's new roof.
7th May 2008, 13:34   comments (4)

Simon struggling with Sri Nivasa

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This is the place where we eat on a regular basis. It looks basic,
and it is
basic, but it's good, safe and cheap.
We took our friend Simon there, but judging by his review
I think
he prefers higher end restos..?
7th May 2008, 13:30   comments (6)

My kholams are improving

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I'm very happy about it too...!

Kholams are drawings made with powdered chalk and sometimes red earth. On rare
special occasions (like the Pongal festival here), bright colours are used too.
Originally rice flower was used. It was a way of making a pacts with the ants,
so that they would eat outside of the house and not go inside.
The front of the house is brushed and water sprinkled on the surface, then the
kholam is drawn by sprinkling the powder with the fingers.
7th May 2008, 13:24   comments (8)

Cooling Dog

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Temperatures are rising. According to the Hindu newspaper's weather forecast.
1st May 2008, 08:25   comments (0)


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I'm not sure what the ladies are doing by the sea. They suddenly all walked from
the villaged and washed their hands and sprinkled water over their hair. A few
minutes before, we were in the village, where there was a funeral held in front
of a house: the men sat around while the women wailed in front of the body,
under a dais in front of the house. It could be that these are the same ladies.
The night before, a cremation was held right in front of our hut in the holiday
resort, because it is an ancient ground that is still in use.
1st May 2008, 08:23   comments (3)

Movie poster

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1st May 2008, 08:13   comments (0)

Looking back on Burma

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I'm finally getting to write a little about my trip to Burma back in March! It's
really nice to go through the pictures again. This is a nat on top of a shrine, at Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon. There's a shameless link to my blog left.
27th Apr 2008, 14:46   | tags:,,comments (4)