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La Machine.... or is it?

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What they did so well was to make a show of it. Not just a robot
walking down the streets, she had an orchestra, mounted on fork lift
trucs, to serenade her as she progressed in a kind of octopus dance.
Everybody walked along with the spider, though the crowds dwindled
when it really started to really lash down.
I got so cold I decided to leave, and as I walked back the musicians
started playing such beautiful soft music in the wind and rain that I
stopped dead in my track and stayed till the end, an hour later! It
was so worth it. Mesmerising. People were transfixed, it was like a
dream. At the end of the show, people just stood there for a little
while, while the police asked to move on so they could open the road.

St George's Hall's ceilings

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I only found out recently that it's now possible to visit St George's Hall via the fairly new Heritage Centre (opened last year, but they forgot to email me about it!). Well worth a visit.

The original Lambanana

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It's 4m high, solid concrete. It arrived in an other epoch, in 1998,
when the millenium bug and GM foods mattered...
It's been moved around the city quite a bit, because it couldn't stay
in its original spot for fear that the underground train tunnel below
might cave in. We never thought it would become such an icon, though
us artists at the time loved it. But it seems most people really love
23rd Aug 2008, 00:50   comments (7)

Lambanana trail... Do I have to?

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Liverpool 08 and the Culture Company have come with this idea to swamp the place with replica lambanana everywhere, sponsored and decorated by various concerns and in various ways.
My friend Simon decided to go on the lambanana trail, taking a picture of every one of them, and for one expedition only, I go along. We meet this man here, who's name I unfortunately don't remember. His mission was to have his photo taken with every lamb in 3 days, because that's all the time he had, and without his own car... He went the width and breadth of Merseyside on public transport to do it. This one is in Port Sunlight.

Stalking Bananalambs with Simon

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There's one! :-)

Stalking Bananalambs with Simon

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I would never get into that myself. But it was fun!

Stalking Bananalambs with Simon

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?This one was well hidden!

Weekend escape

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5th Aug 2008, 16:09   comments (4)