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Getting ready

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The cane is used to hold a small hammoc containing a baby or young child. The baby is carried around the temple on certain days by people who want a child to be born to the family.
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Round the mountain

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Remember my posting about being rained in? This is the result. After 2 days, this tank went from empty to overflowing. There are many tanks around the mountain. This one collects water from streams. Some fill from the bottom, and took much longer to fill up with clear well water, half-way to the the top. Some stay empty.
21st Dec 2008, 13:19   | tags:comments (3)

So, is that it?

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I've been back 2 days. I'm really wondering why on Earth I came back, weather-wise... Of course there's Christmas (or is there? It looks very much canceled this year) and family and friends, and some kind of a mission I want to embark on. But still..!!

The birtdhay party

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Five years old!
We were invited to share the cake - and take pictures!!!
Houses are sparingly furnished, because furniture takes up valuable space and rots in the rain season anyway. Cosiness is just not important. People live outdoors mostly, the house is just for keeping stuff and sleeping.
So they sit, eat, and sleep directly on the floor.
8th Dec 2008, 10:23   | tags:comments (3)

Night life

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The mechanic's shop and a Ganesh shrine.

The Gods are out

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The Kartigai Deepam festival has started.The Gods get taken out of the temple and paraded round the street in the middle of the night, and today, in the day time on huge chariots.
In 2 days, they will light a fire on top of the sacred mountain, for 10 nights.
8th Dec 2008, 10:00   comments (1)

Rain over, no bombs either

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We've had an interesting time, moving house in-between the rain. My friend had to pack everything in chests, and pack his futons as well, in preparation for 4 months of absence. Everything was very damp, and you can't pack damp things. Fortunately, the day before departure, the rained stopped and we mounted a major laundry operation. The next day, the sun was out and when the house owner arrived to take over, we were still drying everything on the terrace.
Because of the storm, we had water in the electric inlet. It started smoking wildly but we couldn't turn anything off, as the main switch was after that point (!!!) and soon enough a small fire broke out on the outer wall of the house. We were without current from then on, which is ok except no electricity means no water, as it gets pumped out of the well.
There were quite a few mix ups between the electricity board and the electrician over who does what, but we moved in to the neighbour's house, also a friend on holidays, where there was still a tankful of water to last us 3 or 4 days - which is exactly how long it took to fix everything.

All is well now, and suddenly rather boring. But this morning the rain started again.

ps, you've all heard of the killings in Mumbai. There were more deaths here from the cyclone, but it didn't get coverage. All ok now.