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Pont Bessieres avec le nouveau metro

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The construction of the new metro was quite hazardous. At one point, they pierced the bottom of an underground stream and gravel pit, which drained out, and a big hole appeared in the street above it. Apparently after that they were a bit nervous when digging the tunnel in the piles of the old bridge.
I love the way the city is layered here. When I lived here I never noticed...!
1st Mar 2010, 18:06   | tags:,,,comments (1)

Descente depuis les hauts

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We took the new metro to the top I love these perspectives, the hills the city is built on.
1st Mar 2010, 17:58   | tags:comments (0)

Tour en bois de Sauvabelin

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The tower is a timber helix. You walk up on one side of the helix and down on the other. It's 35m high, quite a few steps!
1st Mar 2010, 17:42   | tags:,,comments (4)

Back on!

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Just bought this second hand, and most of it's wonderful! (just a sticky trackpad button)
1st Mar 2010, 17:39   comments (2)

Between road and river

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The houses do get a little wider further up! My friend lives there, it's lovely.
27th Jan 2010, 20:56   comments (8)


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I'm afraid this is the last picture my camera took before failing miserably. What is it with canons and lenses getting stuck??
13th Jan 2010, 19:28   comments (1)

Periwinkles on Ice

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11th Jan 2010, 17:12   | tags:,comments (1)

It's melting now

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This was taken last Thursday. Icy sea!!
11th Jan 2010, 16:39   | tags:comments (1)